Rhapsody in Black

Designed to Make You Feel Like the Sane One

Friday, November 26, 2004

It seems I am too busy to blog. That is the general consensus anyways. I will blog soon (meaning: Monday maybe...). I have lots to blog about, I think. I sit down at my computer and draw a blank, which usually happens when I have lots to say. Anyways, I have stuff to do. Tons of stuff before I head into the coffee shop.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Heading Out Again
Tomorrow night I am head back to Toronto for another fun filled night with my worship team members (Stephie, Isaac, and Taylor). I am excited, very excited. On Friday we had a blast even though I had to go to a sushi bar (gross). I sat in the back seat of a camaro squished inbetween Stephie and Derek (the youth pastor). I was sitting on the hump, not a seat, a hump. Every time we went over a bump I not only felt in in my butt, but my head hit the roof (which had a stratigically placed light fixture on it). Needless to say, I was sore on Saturday. This time it is the four of us so I will get my own seat.
I have been really busy lately. I thought that once I was out of school I'd have a bit more time for myself. No such luck. I ended up editing a religion report for my sister for the past couple of days. This is a heavy project and she wants to do her best (so she gives her paper to me, that's right folks...here Erica, do my best ok). I had fun, helping her. She is my no means an English student. Her spelling is horrid. I am in my glory, yes, utter bliss. My sister is better at music and other things. She wants to be a pilot, what are pilots good at? She asked me to totally write a section of her project. It asks the student to rewrite the story of the Road to Emmaus, but in a modern day setting. I made the two diciples John and Sam, they are walking in Greenwich Village to their apartments. Some man in a white tuxedo comes up and talks to them, shares scripture with them and speaks into their lives considering the events that had recently taken place in New York. The two men invite Mr. White Tuxedo to Starbucks for Iced Mocha Frappaccinos. They laugh and share some more and turn to the man and he is gone. Their hearts burned within them. It was a fun retelling of the story. I have never done that before. I hope it is sufficient. How would you retell the story in modern day?
I have to be up in a few short hours. My day starts early, and will be ending rather late. I need some shut eye.
I just want to end with one thought. God is good, even when we don't think he is there, there is always something to remind us of his faithfulness. Even if it is the sun rising in the morning, a brand new day. Even if it is a gentle rain, replenishing the ground. He is always present, our constant help in times of trouble.