Rhapsody in Black

Designed to Make You Feel Like the Sane One

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Dear Snow,
I think you and I have a problem, and as the more mature one, I feel the need to address it. You see, I hate you. I think you are not nice, dirty and malicious. I am not really sure if that merits the deep hatred I have towards you, or if I am just overreacting. As a child I used to enjoy you, and spend hours with you as you joyfully manipulated me into thinking you were a good guy. However, since I have grown up a bit, I have caught on to your sneaky ways and I now realise that you have come for one thing, and one thing only. I think you are low. I think you have over stayed your welcome and it is time for you to go. I know that you are planning on making a big entrance this year pretending to sprinkle the ground with your sparkly whiteness, making every man, woman, and child stand in awe of your beauty thinking of all the special moments that can be shared. This year you can just unpack your bags and stay where you belong. We don't want you here, you suck. Heed this warning, and stay away, stay far far away, or else.
Warmest Wishes and Best of Luck in your Future Endeavors,

Thursday, October 21, 2004

And Ode to Irrational Cuteness

There is this sense that I can't explain
It's all wrapped up into one single being.
Each tiny detail so precious, so woven together to create a flower.
The description so majestic, words cannot describe.
In one moment we are standing here alone, and in the next
Hearts overflowing with a sense of comfort, and renewed hope.
So pure and simple in a childlike way
She pours out her heart and for nothing in return.
Such a beautiful life, so torn and tired
Tiny classicality so neatly arranged
Eyes bright with new stories and tales of a life so fully lived.
A life, like a candle, melting away leaving an angelic aroma
Such exquisiteness for a quiet heart to hold dear
Love unfailing, overtaking my heart
Unrepayable acts of altruism
In your shadow I feel helpless, yet we dwell in that of the Almighty.
A simple offering I cannot accord, as it is slowly rejected
An offering given in it's place
Consumed moments, sleepless nights
Enervated optimism, yet endless affection.
Che puo faccio? with no reply
Standing strong in her own weakness, a pillar, a strong tower.
Let me touch you once more, if not here, then with the angels
Let me show you what you have done, what you have created.
Rest well beautiful flower, heaven holds a tender place for those deserved as you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Just Stuff
I have a lot on my mind today. Tomorrow I wake up, press my nicely tailored shirt, iron my jeans and socks (yes I iron my socks, it's warm), do my hair up and sprits on a little of my Roots Spirit. Tomorrow is a day I would like to run through very quickly, not so much because of who I will be seeing, but because of the old memories I have. I am going to school tomorrow. I am nervous, not only will I see people that I don't really care to see, but I will also be remembering my time there, the good moments and the scarier moments. I have been putting this little trip off for a very long time. I had a plethora of excuses, I think I used the "my leg is itchy" wait, no that was the one I was going to use tonight when I called you Sarah. By the way, I will talk about that conversation in a minute, it is very shareworthy. So, yeah...that is what I will be doing tomorrow and I totally forgot about it until tonight at 9:30 when I was filling my gas tank up. I was thinking to myself why are you getting gas this early in the week, you don't really need any until OH...right Hamilton. Yep I rushed right home to confirm my plans with Sarah and have a really weird conversation with her mother. I swear I thought it was Sarah. So the conversation went alittle like this
Ring ring
Her: Hello
Me: Heeeellllloooooo (in a weird voice)
Her: hi
Me: so how's it going
Her: not to bad
Me: ok good, soooooo I;m coming in tomorrow
Her: ok
Me: sarah, are you ok?
Her: this isn't sarah
Me: are you sure, you sound a lot like sarah
Her: this is her mom
Me: oh my, I am so embarrassed. Please let sarah know I called.
Alright so that was the conversation, it was weird. You know, I am glad that I didn't mention anything embarrassing or incriminating, like the time we talked about cherries, or playing with your balls, or prof. you know who's butt.
Ok, so I have a date tomorrow in the G-spot, don't get to excited about that, Sarah. You don't want to make me pass out. The less excitement the better. Maybe alittle bit of screaming, maybe.
(oh digression...this is a Sarah Quote: I can't see the G-spot) me thinking >em>well I should hope not.
Anyways I am still nervous. I thought that talking about this might help diminish my anxiety, but it has only heightened it. I hope you don't mind if I walk rather slowly tomorrow. Oh and I also hope that Kate doesn't pick me up, twirl me around, grab my butt and kiss me. That right there my friends could put me into cardiac arrest.
I think I will post a few more pictures, to remember the good moments at RUC. And sadly, there are no pictures I really feel like sharing. However, there is a funny one which does bring back memories of driving to Windsor in my car, with a couple boxes of gummy worms and campinos

can anyone guess which sex it is?

Shar, this one is for you, I remember you saying that you thought it was neat, the saying. Oh and by the way...you are trailing!!

This one is for me, a nice peaceful image to remember before going to RUC
Anyways, again, I am opening up the floor. I like sharing. I am more of a face to face talker. I don't like the idea of a blog comment system. It is so impersonal, just like the way I don't like MSN or YAHOO Messanger it is too impersonal, but hey...work with what you got, eh! So, if you need to say anything, if you want to rant about the indoor canopies at Redeemer feel free. If you want to bash me (hint, nudge, wink IC/LL) feel free...bring it on baby :)Just say or do what you feel like. I don't care, well I care, but I mean...I am not going to stop you from saying whatever. Anyways, I might see some of you tomorrow, and I apologize ahead of time if I am weird. I might not see some of you tomorrow, but that doens't mean I am not thinking of you. Oy Vey! (mini digression: only the Ashkenazic Jews say Oy Vey).

en accéléré le soleil s'étale
lourdeurs à travers les os
des arbres

Monday, October 18, 2004

A New Day
This morning I was up very early. The night didn't offer me much sleep, and I found myself reading Shakespeare (I figure that since it put me to sleep way back when I took the course, why not now). Then I found myself talking to God, I could talk out loud because no one but God could hear me. Anyways, by the time I knew it, it was early morning. I looked out our big window in the family room and the sky was painted a beautiful pink colour, which intertwined itself with the cloud formation. I love watching a sun rise over water, it is my favourite sight. Today though, it was different. I had a different sense of calmness inside, one which I hadn't experienced in a while. The song that popped into my head was one that we had just been learning at church, and I was having a hard time learning it. This morning it all came together.

A sun set in Portugal, my favourite picture
Did you rise the sun for me?
Or paint a million stars that I might know your majesty?
Is Your voice upon the wind?
Is everything I've known marked with my Maker's finger prints?
Breathe on me, let me see Your face
Ever I will seek you

Cause all you are is all I want, always
Draw me close in your arms-Oh god
I want to be with you.

I feel you in the rain
Abandon all I am to have You capture me again.
Let the earth resound with praise
Can you hear as all creation lives to glorify one Name
Breathe on me, let me see Your face
Ever I will see You

Cause all you are is all I want, always
Draw me close in your arms-oh God
I want to be with you.

If you can get a copy of this song somehow, I urge you to. Music is a huge part of my life, as you might be able to see, and this song just really ministered to me this morning. I had this unquestionable peace, which I never feel.

I just want to open up the floor. I want you to use my comment box to say whatever you feel today. I want you to share what God is speaking to you about, or doing in your life. I want you to just say what you need to say. If you feel like being funny, by all means-laughter is the best medicine. If you want to yell or vent, feel free. My comment box is totally open. Just share what is on your heart. I do that so often, and it brings a sense of release. Whatever you want...it's open for you.