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Saturday, October 02, 2004

This is a hard post. Italicized parts are exerpts from a dear friend's blog.

I know that each of us has been affected in one form or the other by some type of cancer. Some of us have family members who lost against the war on cancer, some of us have friends who have been touched, some of us are fighting our own battles with various types of cancer.

If we are ever going to find a cure for this, we need all of the "awareness" we can get. Not only to breast cancer(s), but also for ovarian, brain, lung, bone, kidney, and a host of other cancers. These too need awareness, prevention, and early care.

Some facts:
Every 13 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer.
Breast cancer is the second
cause of death for of women between the ages 35 and 54.
Every three minutes, a new case of breast cancer is diagnosed.
Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for women between the ages of 40 and 59.
75% of all breast growths, whether malignant or benign, are discovered during self-breast examination.
The smallest detectable lump is about 2-3 mm and could contain approximately one billion cancer cells.
In 2004~ An estimated 215,990 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and an estimated 40,110 women will die.

do self exams, stay up-to-date on your mammograms, have a yearly physical . . . do whatever it takes to prevent statistics from rising in 2005.

In my own family we have a history of cancer. I understand the severity of it, and how it affects not only the person's life, but their family and friend's lives as well. I wont write anything else on this issue. I get to overcome by emotions. Please remember these stats, remember the hell that this monster causes, and pray for those around you who are fighting tooth and nail.

I will praise you Jesus praise you
When the tears fall still I will sing to you
I will praise you, Father praise you
Through my suffering still I will sing

Friday, October 01, 2004

I adore this month, along with May, but for very different reasons. October represents the end of a harvest, the hard work people have put into creating, maintaining and helping their crops flourish. I love the smell of October. Everyone has their gas stoves on, and it is such a welcoming smell. The colours are fantastic. I am amazed at the handiwork of God's hand as creation prepares to die for a season. It is just beautiful. I like wearing a jacket and going for walks with orange and yellow leaves spinning at my feet. This season leaves me feeling thankful, not only because of Thanksgiving, but because of the beautifulness that I see as I drive on the long country roads. It is a much nicer view then flat, green.
I wrote out this new list for you all to read. I think that when you read something personal, such as a blog, you need to know about the person. You need to know what makes them tick (so to speak). So without any further adieu:
101 Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I love the colour blue
2. I am one of the only people in my whole family with blue eyes
3. I have short fingernails (not as short as Sarah's)
4. I want to live in an African tribe and share the gospel with them
5. I like to breathe
6. I am fascinated by pictures
7. I am fascinated with taking pictures, I view the world from a camera lense
8. The ocean is my favourite spot on earth
9. I like to think
10. I like classical and opera music
11. My favourite Flowers are daisies, and calla lilies
12. I like to people watch
13. When I sing, or play the piano I get lost
14. I have always been preppy
15. My mother is one of my closest friends. We are almost inseperable.
16. I had orange pee once, as well as red, but never pink
17. Unfortunately My sister and I don't get along very well.
18. Europe is my favourite continent
19. I let a kangaroo eat out of my hand
20. I hate snakes, bats, frogs and spiders very very deeply.
21. I always give the benefit of the doubt, which gets me introuble
22. I got 95% in math one year, and failed it miserably the next year
23. I can't stand the colour yellow
24. I like to proofread, but never my own work
25. I love Shakespeare
26. I have two deep dark secrets that I will never tell anyone
27. I want a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast (also my favourite animated movie)
28. French is my favourite language
29. I am pretty deaf (ear infections for years and years as a child. My equilibrium is really bad)
30. My toes, knees and fingers are always red, blue and purple
31. I was engaged
32. I only know two card games">games">games">games (solitaire and Egyptian Rat Screw)
33. I don't trust
34. I have reached near death
35. I love listening to people's stories
36. I want to own a Villa in Tuscany and rent it out to retiring missionaries
37. I hate mirrors
38. I hate the fact that I never sleep
39. Very few people have seen me cry.
40. Very few people know why I cry.
41. I accidentaly burned my eyebrows off in some freak gas stove episode. They haven't grown back properly yet and it has been 5 years.
42. I don't like watching t.v.
43. I am always cold, even during a heat wave
44. There are a few people that I appreciate very much and they don't know it.
45. I don't like rabbits, especially ones named Karl.
46. I have never had Buckley's Cough Medicine
47. I was born into a family of gifted teachers
48. I don't want to be a teacher-not this month anyways
49. I wear a tank top under every shirt I wear
50. I try not to hurt people, and when I do it makes me feel sick
51. Making this list will forever take away my desire to ever make another list again.
52. I used to love making lists
53. I was born into a family of list makers
54. I like disco music
55. I pretend that I can dance to disco music
56. I love mashed potatoes and gravy (turkey gravy)
57. Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday.
58. I have only been away from my family on two holidays. Thanksgiving in Portugal
and Christmas in Australia.
59. I never want to experience a warm Christmas again
60. My favourite song is October, by Amy Lee
61. I can't read in a car
62. I feel sick when I am in standard cars (ie: my mother's)
63. I love the colour scheme of my mother's bathroom- burnt yellow (muted, no shine,
and a muted green-sage I guess)
64. My favourite number is 482
65. I like Caroline Hererra
66. I like shrimp
67. I find ironing theraputic
68. I am obsessed with ironing starch
69. I used vinegar for the first time today in my laundry-in place of fabric softener
I am hooked!
70. I hate saying goodbye, especially when I won't ever see the person again
71. I dislike sitting on an unMoving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">Moving">moving airplane
72. I am not happy-go-lucky
73. I have never picked my nose
74. I have an unnatural fear of peeing in public places.
75. I got hit by a van when I was 15, while riding my bike
76. Libraries make me anxious, yes I love books and reading
77. I dislike Chocolate very much
78. I haven't fallen up a set of stairs for a very long time
79. When I was 16 I blacked out and fell down my basement stairs, to this day
I still have back pain.
80. I have been a Christian for 15 years
81. John Donne is my favourite poet
82. My favourite girl names are Abigail, Sophia and Madelyn
83. My favourite boys names are Elijah, Benjamin and Kai
84. My favourite word is 'auspicious'
85. I think Chinese food smells really gross
86. My favourite books in the Bible are Romans and Ephesians
87. I am meticulous and organized
88. Learning is a passion I have
89. Chapters is my favourite book store, I could live there
90. I have played the piano since I was six
91. I respond to music
92. I wanted to go to Juliard
93. I took sign language lessons and used to use it as a form of "secret
communication" with a friend during boring church services.
94. I was homeschooled during a teacher strike and then decided to go to school
in Portugal
95. I went to a Portuguese restaurant and had to order my own meal (turns out
I ordered something very, very wrong)
96. I hate olives
97. I went through the infamous "Blossom" phase, hat and all.
98. I want four kids, maybe not.
99. Got accpeted to a University in Hawaii to do a music/worship Christian
Worker degree (I said it wrong...I don't know the technical term), I turned
down the offer.
100. I decided that 13 years was too long to use up in taking a neuro psychology
graduate school program (which I don't think I would have ever gotten into....
it is so competitive and my average is not quite what they want). So I picked English instead, a passion of mine. I think I regret it. Maybe not.
101. I hate seeing people in pain, and wish that I could take it all away.

So, that is my list, maybe you learned sometihng new. Maybe not. In any case, I learned a bit about myself. Have a fabulous weekend. I will try and have the Realism in Education">Education">Education">Education published by the end of this weekend. I am not in school right now and I still procrastinate!!! It is almost done, I promise.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

09/30 Addendum
Results of my eyes exam- luckily my perscription hasn't significantly changed, although it changed enough for a new pair of glasses. So far, in trying on 50 or so pairs I have come to the conclusion that my head is very small, and the only pair of glasses that fit were Sponge Bob Square Pants frames. No kidding. They glow in the dark. I tried on adult glasses and they all come out to far past my face. I don't like Dutch bone structure. I think I will be like the only 2* year old person wearing Disney and Sponge Bob glasses...hmm I wonder if Hilary Duff has a line? or even Mary-Kate and Ashley? I was thinking though, if I got the radio active pair (the squiggles on the sides light up) I could wear them with my glow-in-the-dark pyjamas. How exciting, if I were ten. In other news, I have been pre approved for another VISA card. Maybe I will buy six pairs of Sponge Bob glasses. Life just keeps on getting more and more exciting.

I have decided that I am a fountain of useless knowledge, as in the trivial pursuit knowledge. Don't ask me why I've come to this conclusion, maybe I played one to many rounds of strip trivial pursuit, or because I just naturally find out obscure information. Regardless, I always get my pies when I play t.p (as in not toilet paper). I promised a blog series a while back on Philosophy of Education">Education, I started off with Rousseau and naturalism and then it branched out to include the likes of Maria Montessori and then I did alittle reading on Froebel. I think I started out to huge. Rousseau is a big undertaking and I didn't build myself a foundation on which to stand. Fret not, a blog is in the process of being written (I am half way through)-we will start off easy, alittle Aristotle and Realism, and then comparison with Idealism...I will probably publish that in a day or so.
I have been trying to set my mind on whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, whatever is noble. I find that when I get down focusing on those kinds of things brings a sort of temporary release. I was doing that in the coffee shop today and I found myself writing a list of things. It is another list of things I like, but not a set in stone list. More of a list that made me happy for a while.
the smell of my perfume
the colour purple
hugs from Vicki
hair elastics
the crisp air
putting cotton balls in my ears
falling asleep after a deep discussion
the smell of Chai tea
American Eagle Outfitters- I could live there
The Gap
radio active garments
my nicknames- Leia (from my mum), rica roo- I love it, GG-priceless
brushing my teeth
clear nail polish

So that was my list. I can get extremely bored at work, so much so that I watched a Britney Spears music video and listened to Chariots of Fire. Ok ok, so I enjoyed listening to Chariots of Fire. Le Sigh.
I decided on my next car. It took a while and extensive research, but I am settling with my original idea of a Volkswagan Jetta-Midnight blue or black, leather interior etc. If you would like to change my mind, make yourself known, because I am () this close to making a final decision.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Another photo of my beautiful kitty

Sarah in the snow

Carrie in the snow

Licks Girls :) (good times) (Sarah, Kate, Erica, Marleen, PEanut, Jenna, Carrie, Lisa)
Whoa, Long Break
I took a longer break than I had originally planned. It is weird to be back. Even signing into check my email was alittle weird...heh...Anyways these are the thingsd I learned while I was on my mini sabbatical
*people who don't stop at a four way stop should be shot. Yes, it was my right of way, yes you almost slammed into my car, yes I am mad. No, I am not dead, but shaken.
*not eating any salt makes me feel really dizzy
*I like wearing my hair up, instead of down...
*sleep can be rather good.
I did alittle reading this weekend. Philosophical and Ideological Thoughts on Education (something like that), anyways, the book would probably make you puke depending on what you like to read etc. I loved it, this is my second time through, and it is a sort of text book, but I enjoy reading text books. I am anticipating what I should write next about education. I took some spiffy notes, I should be putting them here soon. Anyways, that's all. Oh wait, I had a funny conversation with my mom. We were talking about modeling. She was saying that she went to the Eileen Ford agency in Toronto (decades ago) to model and got accepted. She was saying that I should be a model, and then came her greatest advice ever- join their drug parties, only eat a piece of lettuce a day...she didn't mean it in a bad way, it just came out funny. (merci, ma jolie maman)!
An Addendum
I came home from work sick today, it was great. I had two awful calls (awful as in a poor, little, ninety-two year old lady that was getting slammed by the phone company, and I spent 20 minutes trying to calm her down, she was crying. We sort of bonded, I said, "honey it's going to be alright, I'll walk you through this and we will figure out this phone thing." The poor woman thought that she wouldn't be able to talk to her family again.) Second call, just someone who didn't give a "rat's a** about his phone service and that I am a b****. No big deal. Anyways, I felt kind of panicky so I came home. Judging Amy's season premiere aired tonight (Sarah, I bet you are excited). Anyways, end of addendum.