Rhapsody in Black

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Moments Like These
We all have our moments. I have many of them. Many where I do something that makes me feel really smart, dumb, nice, etc. For the past few days my computer has been acting up. It will just shut down right in the middle of things. I am no computer whiz, but I decided to check it out and see if I could diagnose the problem. I thought I had figured out what it was and prepared myself to re install Windows and a bunch of other things. No big deal and very inexpensive. I turned on my computer today and decided to read some blogs, when all of the sudden it happened again, and I looked down at my feet and saw that I had hit the power bar switch. That was my problem all along.
Moral of the Story: when you think you are smart, it turns out you are actually retarded.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Odds and Ends
I am reading Eva Hoffman's "Exit into History." It is about her journey back to her native land of Poland. I have thoroughly enjoyed the first five pages. I wish I had alittle more time to read the whole thing in one sitting. Next book will be "Lost in Translation" by same said author. Has anyone seen that movie, by any chance? It has Bill Murray in it? I am wondering if it is worth renting (I enjoy Sofia Coppola). I am also reading a text book that deals with the psychology of education. Craig, you will be thrilled to know that it has a chapter devoted to your dear Froebel. Mind you I still prefer Maria Montessori and Jean Jacques Rousseau, Froebel is a pretty interesting guy to say the least.
I have gotten myself into a pickle. I won't really say what it is, it is kind of funny, not serious at all, but it makes me very nervous. I know I know, you won't understand unless I tell you, but I am not going to do that...so scratch that whole thought out. Never mind...what? I don't know. Ok whatever.
Tomorrow I start my real paid day at the coffee shop. I am a tiddly bit nervous (yes that is a tiddly, not a tad). With the little pickle I am in plus starting this new job my nerves are shot. I could seriously throw up right now, but everything in me is trying to hold it together. Maybe come November 13th I will laugh my pants off.
I can't wait until the weekend. I am going away. I haven't seen Niagara Falls for a good year now so I am heading out there. It is nice to live so close to two of the world's wonders (Niagara Falls and Sarah...remember that stupid conversation Sarah?) Anyways, exciting stuff, I know. Good night all, and Good morning Craig, see you tomorrow...I am nervous so if I do anything stupid like flood your store again, don't fire me :P

Monday, September 06, 2004

Weekend Update, Ramblings, and Maybe Some Other Stuff (If you are lucky)
~I am feeling better, yes, so I decided that maybe I could sit back down and blog. I sorted through my irrationalness and here I am...*sigh* I figure I will just start out small..you know nothing to big and dramatic while I am getting back into the swing of blogging. Too big all at once might be overwhelming (so that means I wont write anything about my philosophy of education continuation at the moment...which I still have to blog about soon...)
~I styled my hair differently yesterday (ooo exciting stuff). Yeah I curled it all and then moussed it and it went all funky...I haven't washed it yet so it is like everywhere, but I was excited about the new look...
~I played on the worship team all weekend, it was amazing. I really enjoy being a vehicle used to usher in God's presence. WOW, it was awesome.
~I made perogies. Many of you know that I have good intentions when I try to cook/bake/fry/microwave but nothing works, not even a PB&J sandwich. I am the master of burning everything I touch. I decided to try again, you know "if at first you don't succeed..." (in my case it is like "if for the first 8 zillion times of trying, you don't succeed, please don't ever try again"). I deep fried some perogies and they turned out sooooo good, much better than my mothers (which tasted like Chinese fortune cookies...heh). So, you know, if you ever want me to make you a meal or something...ask for perogies :)
~I am excited about not going back to school. I have a few reasons...which I will list (this is kind of Shakespearesque...he writes plays within plays...I write lists within lists)
#1. Excited because I have never not gone to school. I have been in school since I was four. This will be like an extended summer vacation that turns into winter. However I won't just be relaxing. I have a lot of reading to do. I was born for school, I can't just not learn. So I have some philosophy books and a whole ton of novels which I will read.
#2. Excited because I won't have to worry about deadlines, that tends to stress me out, which makes my heart go funny and some other stress related issues. So this will be a time of de-stressing myself and healing I suppose
#3. I don't have to go back to Redeemer University. Yes, I am a tad bit excited about this. I have been there for four years, which is enough time to grow tired of it. I won't have to see their stupid indoor canopies, I won't have to deal with Zach in the financial office, I won't have to deal with the registrar's office (not naming any names) and I won't have to stare at the history faculty all semester. I finished my English major, and the english teachers are easier to look at then the history ones...I had to finish 5 more history courses to complete my major (I think)...
#4. I won't have that sickening feeling that I am getting the wrong degree. I will graduate with a B.A. in English and History when what I really wanted was a social working major...and psychology degree. Yeah, DUMB MISTAKE TO CHANGE MAJORS AT THE LAST MINUTE.
#5. More time to spend at church doing missions and doing worship for the retreats
~Today is a holiday, no working but getting paid for it...that is beautiful.
~too all my friends who are registering today HA HA! wait no, ummmm good luck in the upcoming year :)