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Friday, August 20, 2004

A while back I mentioned that I would be working for Craig part time at his coffee shop. We got together and played around with the video camera to try and make an advertisement for milkshakes. Here's what we came up with:

fed up with the ice cream maker I think

what an advertisement for Torani sauces

...so I am thinking...I am so not photogenic, but then again I have been told that I look like a character from a Dr. Seuss book (by several people) so it's no wonder I take bad pictures.
~I have had a chance to digest what happened at work last night. I haven't cried yet. I think I will cry when I have to hug and say good bye to friends. Right now I am just trying to lighten things up at work. In the mean time, I am looking for a new job (plus going to work at the coffee shop part time). I am excited for what God has instore.
~I am going out for dinner with my grandparents tonight. I haven't seen them for a long time. It'll be nice.
~so about this pseudonym thing, I am not too creative in the naming area, so I think I will just go with the fairie queen. That's fair right? The name kind of makes me feel flaky and not for real.
Oh and a big big happy birthday to:

isn't he cute? :P (I'd have a few more nice pictures but Sarah's boyfriend Jeremy hasn't sent me the campfire ones yet).
and a big belated birthday to:
Scott you perverted whippersnapper you. How does it feel to be in your twenties? Take my advice, enjoy twenty while you can, and enjoy twenty-one even more. When you get to be my age it is a downward spiral. I watched 'Death Becomes Her' the other day (with my favourite actress Meryl Streep) and although the movie isn't worth seeing again, they take this anti aging potion, I think I might get me some of that...heh.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Life Sans God
We got a notice today at work that it will be shutting down. That means we are all laid off. Yeah, now I am jobless. Today I watched fifty people's lives fall apart. I watched them cry and get angry. I saw hopelessness on people's faces and it hit me really hard. How could I survive without Jesus? How could I make it through another day without a sense of assurance of life after death? I was talking to my friend about it and we were just talking about this sort of global depression the whole world seems to be dealing with. People struggling to make ends meet and provide for their families. The monotonous life for these people is devastating. Life without God is hell. You'd swear there was a disaster at my work tonight. There were people in fits, crying on the floor, threatening their lives, asking questions, pulling out their hair. It was hard to observe from my perspective. It was very irrational. I really felt bad for one of the supervisors. She is pregnant and due in December, she didn't stop crying the whole night. I felt for the poor baby she was carrying, I am certain he/she could feel the stress and sadness. I felt for Faith who is now practically homeless and jobless, not to mention feeling threatened by me. I felt for the woman whose husband just left her for a much younger woman, leaving her to raise five children on her own. It was kind of like a death tonight. You know how when someone dies you begin to thinking about your own mortality? Well, I went through that on a minor scale. Disaster hit and I just thought about the big picture. I didn't realize that losing a job was so devastating. Now I do. Ummm, yeah. I will probably cry in a while. I have been working there for over 4 years now, and have developed many beautiful friendships with the people, that is what I am sad about. Oh well, I am glad my life is in God's hands.
P.S.~ does anyone feel like moving to Vancouver with me? just a thought. Ontario to Vancouver, BC kind of a big move I know...heh

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

If You Ain't Dutch...

So I want to use a pseudonym on the internet. So far Scott has thought of a few that I proably wont use: magnolia krippendorf, sexton hardcastle. I am thinking no. Heh, but yeah the whole idea behind a pseudonym (in my opinion) is to hide one's identity. Is it to late to hide? Bah, I'll do it anyways.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Top 10's
I am still sans a mouse, bear with me.
Ok, I have an affinity for lists. I think that makes me a Type A. I constantly make lists for things I have to do, and I even list making lists. I get it from my uber organized mother. She has notebooks FULL of lists. Anyways, Here are some of my top 10's-just in case you care.
10 Things You May Not Know About Me
1. I wear a tank top under all my clothes
2. I am the only person with fair skin and blue eyes in my immediate family. Wait, you probably do know that because it's obvious...
3. I have memorized phone books and dictionaries as a child just for the fun of it (I can't believe I just admitted that)
4. I have almost died-I probably shouldn't be here, but for the grace of God
5. I have a scar on my chin from my brother, a bouncy ball, and a freshly paved drive way. I've had it for thirteen years
6. The thought of needles makes me sick.
7. I hate wearing glasses
8. I like to think for long periods of time w/o being interrupted
9. I wont ever take a bath
10. I use hand sanitizer like there is no tomorrow

10 Places I Love to Shop
1. Jacob Connexion
2. Campus Crew
3. Staples Buisness Depot
4. Bluenotes (for my jeans)
5. The Gap
6. Shoppers Drug Mart
7. Chapters
8. Fortinos-Ancaster
9. American Eagle Outfitters
10. Mitchells Bible Bookstore

10 Drinks I Couldn't Live Without
1. water
2. diet coke
3. diet vanilla coke
4. tropicana orange juice- no pulp
5. nestle chocolate powder in milk-I have issues with premade chocolate milk
6. iced tea-not English style
7. Frutopia-the stuff Sarah always has..Kiwi watermelon or whatever
8. hmmm maybe there are only 7 that drinks I like

10 Career Choices I Have Thought About
1. neurosurgeon
2. oncologist
3. highschool teacher
4. librarian
5. mother
6. lawyer
7. perpetual student
8. missionary
9. social worker
10. psychologist

...I have finished reading Passage To India (and it was on my summer reading list). I will probably write about it soon. It is a good book. Oh and Sarah if you were wondering, I have read, re read, re re read, and re re re read Oryx and Crake. What a good book. Oh and do you remember the cover to the Handmaids Tale that we read in ENG 222? Well I saw a different cover to that book just recently-a woman with her mouth clamped shut (some sort of bar earings going through her lips). If was interesting. Anyways, so long, farewell, adieu.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

I am sans computer mousie at the moment. My brother adopted a kitten (yes that makes three cats in the house now) and she is quite the little chewer. She is a mix between Siamese and tabby. Her name is Jezireh (Ja zee ra) it is Arabic, we call her Rizza for short. I tend to call her Jez but then I think of Jezebel and that would not be a good name to bestow on anything (person-cat-horse-anything). Anyways, so she chewed a hole in the wiring of my computer mouse. I am so un computer savvy, so I am guessing that just hitting the tab button is ok, although it is quite a headache when you want to visit a blog or site with 100's of links!!!! Took me forever to get out of a few blog sites. Heh!
So, Carrie and I had a fun weekend. I took her to Moose Winooski's a fun restaurant. We drew on the paper on the table, and I made the mistake of writing 'Happy 25th Birthday' and the waitress came over and made Carrie wear a Moosehead. She was not at all pleased. I so wish I had my camera with me at that moment. It was priceless. Dinner: $40, Birthday Prezzie: $30, Carrie's face with Moose head on: Priceless (for all of life's hilarities there's Master Card). We headed over to P.A.M.s (if I had the function of a mouse, I'd link you here Craig, but alas) where I introduced carrie to my new boss and friend Craig. We were just chilling when I got this evil feeling in my stomach. I ran to the mall washroom and puked my brains out. I'm sorry I had to type it that wasy so you could get the full effect of the puke...it was violent. I think it was a combination of stress and my body going crazy because I actually put some normal food in it for a change. But I felt much better afterwards.
Care and I watched 'Little Black Book' and although it is not my type of movie (I wanted to see Manchurian Candidate soooooo bad) it was cute. Carrie cried, heh..I chuckled at a few parts. We really had a nice time though :)
I got my hair cut today. Usually when I get my haircut I cry and pine away afterwards. I've matured a bit, because after this cut I just sulked. Yeah yeah suck it up I know, but it's so short!!! Oh well, in two weeks it'll be alright. Hmmm, I wonder if I look scarier now? Oh speaking of scary, I have come to a conclusion with this whole Faith situation. After taking several psychology classes throughout my university carreer we studied cases of Schitzophrenia, and I am about 97% positive that Faith fits into the category of a Paranoid Schitzophrenic. Now I know I encouraged you all to laugh at this sitaution, calling Faith a freak (not outloud...inside) and I feel bad, because maybe she can't help it. The voices that she hears are real to her, and the people she talks to (that we can't see) are real as well. I mean take Kate for example....we don't judge her because she has the terrible disease of nymphomania (oh wait yes we do....ok scratch that). I have learned a great deal from this situation with Faith.
#1. I am lacking in girth, and no matter how big and scary I try to make myself, it doesn't work.
#2. I can't laugh and cry at the same time without needing a lot of kleenex
#3. Keep my mouth shut at all times, don't talk, it'll just make matters worse
#4. Let Jesus shine no matter what
#5. People who suffer from any mental illness and low self esteem need a lot of prayer.
...I keep reaching for my mouse, but it isn't there :(
Ok, so enjoy the rest of your weekends. I will be enjoying mine with a bag on my head.