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Friday, August 06, 2004

My Glorious
I was in a bit of a funk this morning. Usually when I am upset I like to be alone and just listen to classical music, or worship music. In the case today I listened to a beautiful worship song by Delirious entitled "My Glorious" and I just wanted to share the chorus. It is such an encouragement to hear.

God bigger then the air I breathe
The world we'll leave.
God will save the day
And all will say "My Glorious"
Why do we make excuses for the things we do? When we do something that is wrong it is so natural to try and justify it by saying things like "this made me..." Why can't we just take account and responsibility for our own actions!!! That is the extent of my rant. *sigh*

Thursday, August 05, 2004

My Milkshakes Bring all the Boys to the Yard
So you are looking at the new face to the milkshake poster for Craig's coffee store. Woot woot. (and they'll wonder why sales go up 100%

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

While I was cleaning out my boxes I found a whole ton of stuff that I was going to blog about before (Top Likes, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde etc.) It's great, so I thought I would just post my likes list for the time being.

in no particular order
1. the peacefulness of first waking up
2. cucumbers and salad dressing
3. my cat
4. my Saviour
5. coffee
6. my Mother-a true inspiration
7. siblings that make the world spin faster
8. 17th Century Literature
9. Francis Bacon
10. My Shakespeare Anthology
11. Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture
12. different angles of a grand piano
13. the way skin fits on faces (bone structure)
14. my writers bump
15. Claude Monet
16. late night conversations (past the composure hour)
17. sleeping on the floor
18. observing (especially people)
19. Photography-my own included
20. handing in a well written essay
21. reading
22. reading after "lights out" time as a child
23. reading in other languages
24. linguistics
25. feeling words as I say them (with my tongue and throat)
26. speaking slowly to foreign people
27. Ptolemy and Vanessa Chaing (good times)
28. Drs. Loney and Dent
29. accents (espeically when Eda says "David" with her S. African accent)
30. a new pen
31. the ocean
32. the science of breathing (or the art)
33. My beautiful Polish friend
34. best friends
35. Volkswagens
36. Beethoven, Handel, Mozart
37. Pachabel's Canon in D
38. proper speaking
39. Margaret Atwood
40. my car (Lola)
41. prayer
42. Spiritual gifts
43. photo albums
44. British Novel (taught by Dr. Bowen)
45. The Brontees, Austen, Dickens
46. Listening to this blogger sing
47. Brittany Goheen on the fiddle
48. feeling piano keys with the tips of my fingers
49. exuberant worship
50. the suffix 'esque' and prefix 'cata' (as in catacombs, catastrophe...is it even a prefix?)
51. Medieval Literature
52. Simplicity- Less is More
53. Celebration at Funerals
54. 50+ wedding anniversaries
55. Meryl Streep
56. time
57. Early American Presidents
58. John A. Mac Donald
59. Jean Jacques Rousseau
60. Philosophy of History
61. Banana Popsicles
62. dry humor
63. Cathedrals in Portugal
64. lip gloss
...weird list

moving on, everytime I colour my hair it turns orange. I coloured it #50 and it turned orange. EEEK!

Oh Post Script: while talking to a back slidden Christian today I said (by accident) "pick up you blog and follow Jesus"(?!?!) How stupid do I feel now.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

So last night I decided to attack the boxes in my closet. I am trying to downsize my posessions, like I said earlier. I didn't know where to start really, I had two choices #1 the bag of clothes that I have't worn for ages, #2 the boxes and boxes in my closet. I chose the latter. I opened the first box and picked up two essasy I wrote in grade nine. Keep these I thought (just in case). Next, I attacked a pile of calenders that had recoreded every detail of my life in 1997, '98, '99, and 2000. I put them in the keep pile in case I wanted to show my kids someday how busy I was and how much initiative I took at such a young age. Then I looked around and saw tons of colourful envelopes with cute little teenage messages all over them from my old best friend Denise. I read each and every note, almost reliving the memories we had. I cried, it was so special. I didn't really want to throw these out, so back in the box they went. Basically I kept everything that was in the box. I just can't seem to get rid of these memories, but really, when am I ever going to seriously need these notes and calender pages, and magazine cut outs? I was up until 3:30 A.M. reading and reminiscing, it was great. It was funny to read about the crushes I had on guys in my youth group, and about one friend's death. I was such a crazy kid.
Anyways, I have notihng really interesting to share. I'm really tired so I will go back to bed. Maybe attack another box some other day, when I am ready to throw the contents into the garbage. For now, I will continue to be a packrat.

My favourite reading buddy in Portugal

Portugal 5 years ago

Monday, August 02, 2004

I think I am going to take a year long sabbatical from life. Yeah, that's what I will do.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Please Keep That
Today I realized I am a packrat. Yeah. I have decided that I would downsize my amount of possessions. I have saved birthday cards since I was thirteen years old. Do I really need these?? I have this plastic box...more like a storage container filled to the brim with notes from my childhood best friend, and even cookies she baked me. I also have this piggy bank my mom made me out of ceramic that broke and I couldn't bear to part with it so I collected the pieces and wrapped it up. I have magazine clippings from 1997, and notes from my grade nine classes. Are these things worth throwing out...I think I should hire someone to clean for me because I would feel so guilty for throwing my stuff out. *sigh*
In other news, my burns are healing. Is it bad to put hand sanitizer on cuts? I am very anal retentive about my hands being clean and germs and stuff (as mosty of you know...I put hand sanitizer on every ten minutes) but if you get it in a cut is that safe? oh well I did it anyways. The last thing I need is an infection. Ok before I get myself introuble by writing about all of my other quirky qualities I will hit the publish button.
And I have so not been in the mood for writing stimulating mind stuff, if you haven't noticed. My brain is on vacation I guess.

P.S~ When cleaning out my computer I found these things (you may need sound for these)
Mango Biscuits
I don't think I saved these (I will blame it on someone else)