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Friday, July 30, 2004

Just a Few Things

~I have a new adopted stray cat. She came around looking for food on my deck the other day. Her name is Muffin, or if you wish Muffy. She is orange and matted. She has the most evil "meow" it sounds like a dying cow. She's super cute.

~got a new part time job (sort of). Starting in September I get to work 12 hours a week being this blogger's relief worker. He owns a coffee shop (kinda like Starbucks) and I get to surround myself with classical music and coffee for a few hours a week.

~I burned my fingers trying to fry some food the other day. The burns unfortunately opened and now they look pretty gross. I can't wait for the scars (sarcasm).

~my raise looks pretty good on my pay cheque at Istonish Inc. Oh oh and it was retroactive, which means I get a few dollars more than usual. Now I can go out and buy some gum or even Starbursts or both!!!!!!!!!!!

~I need new sandals, but yesterday I went to Mapleview mall (oh KICK ME!!! I was in your city and didn't even think to call you) and went into three shoe stores, but alas, no sandals that I liked. What happened to the good ole Dr. Martens sandals?? The ones that look really nice and rugged and last 10 years??

~someone stole my Finding Nemo tatoo bandaids, which would have come in handy yesterday at work when my burns decided to errupt. WHERE ARE THEY??????????????

~and finally, my sister found it in herself to be nice and do work for me yesterday. I felt special.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I noticed this blog recently. Scrolling down to the lower half of the entry I found someone else who is as unhappy with RUC as I, and many others are. I would also like to point out the comment made by Dan. Thank you for sharing what so many of us are afraid to share. I cannot sympathize with Ms. van Breda on the job oppertunity at RUC because I was lucky enough to have an outside job, however I had to deal with administration one to many times, and for that I had to down lots of Tylenol to over compensate for my headaches. I agree with Dan, the office workers are very power trippy. I can remember one day a few of them (one mentioned in the said blog) came to the 'un official' commuter students lounge and gave some students a blast. We kept our mouths shut. I would have loved to remind her that we drive from up to 45 minutes away, have to pack disgusting lunches because we don't have a fridge, and sometimes need a place to sit that doesn't smell like our musty old library. I wanted to remind these ladies that we are not children. We do realize that it is our job to pick up after ourselves.
Dealing with Redeemer (and may I mention the financial staff downstairs) is unruly and too much of a headache. I woud love to name names but I think that would be rude...maybe not. Grrrr....I understand your frustration Jenn. I feel sorry for those of you (especially commuters) who have to spend another freezing cold winter in the back hallway of RUC.
Begin Again
I have this feeling, like holding a brand new baby, or like a child opening gifts on her birthday. It's a feeling of starting over new. I am not sure if this is pre-mid life crisis, but I want to move away to where I am unknown and just start my life over again. Maybe a remote island or a fast paced city where no one knows anyone.
"The lines of my earth, so brittle, unfertile and ready to die. I need a drink but the well has run dry"

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

a recent conversation over the phone with one of my American customers:
(for those of you who don't know, I work for an American phone company)

64 Year old Man: So yer accent is not from down south eer, is it?
Me: No actually I am Canadian
Man: Oh yer from the north
Me: (thinking I AM NOT FRISIAN!!!) yes Ontario to be exact...he he
Man: so what is with the hostility between Canadians and Americans?
Me: I think it is a matter of political opinions and differences I suppose.
Man: wow, you are smarter then you sound, where did you learn to talk like that
Me: school, and I watch a lot of news
Man: oh, well Canada is so full of freedom, I like it there
Me: it sure is, have you visited
Man: no, I don't like Quebec, you live near Quebec?
Me: *shocked* yes, yes I do...geographically speaking
>>>>hangs up<<<<<
moving on
have I ever mentioned in my plethora of 'like and dislike'lists how I so totally enjoy taking hot baths on a nice cold summers day?

Monday, July 26, 2004

Lest I Forget
So, I almost forgot about my blog. I have been super busy and stuff...pardon my mid pubescent language, I have spent one too many hours listening to my sister talk. She has the whole teenage lingo to a t(ee?). Anyways, so this past weekend was my mother's birthday. There was lots of food eating and all that stuff that goes along with birthdays. I think it made me sick though, I have had an upset stomach all day. Anyways, nothing really super interesting from inside my head today.

Kate and I

Kate and I at a KFC in Australia (I am holding a baby pug dog)

Palm trees in Portugal