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Friday, July 16, 2004

And again, blogger revises and changes their look. When will the madness end ?
So, my car is in getting the brakes fixed. This is great because it was grinding so much and it just sounds horrible. Whoever buys my car next will be really lucky because I have fixed so much on Lola that there really isn't anything left to do but drive her. I have decided that the car I will get will be brand spanking new. That way I won't have to deal with fixing it for about 5 years. Ha! if life were like that. I am carless for the rest of the day, and today happens to be the day where I have way to much to do. I am going away with this blogger and her boyfriend. We are heading up to Elora to meet up with Aaron and the rest of his youth group. How exciting!!! So, today was my day to go to the bank, pick up a new battery and film for my camera, and buy some other essentials. My car just happened to pick this weekend to start grinding. Oh well.
In other news, I have been doing a lot of praying and thinking about the future. You all know that I have decided to quit school. When I began at Redeemer University I decided to follow what my heart had wanted for so long, and that was to become a teacher. I lived for school, and wanted to learn so much that I decided to make myself a permanent fixture in the classroom. I came to Redeemer with the thought that I would major in English and History and minor in Psychology. And so it was. I was the overworked, underpaid, stressed out student like many of you are. I wrote a zillion essays, took courses that won't mean a thing to me down the road and made some pretty awesome memories. However, in the back of my mind I was almost running from the plans God had for me. I knew I was called to the ministry, in some area, and I had dedicated my life to that calling when I was young. I went alone to Portugal on a mission trip during highschool for a semester, where I took along my school work. I started a youth group and worship team with a few of the Angolan/Portuguese people. I felt so fulfilled. I knew that God wanted me to do missions work. Anyways, to make a long story short, throughout my life I have encountered friends who became young unwed mothers, friends who have had abortions, friends who were suicidal and depressed, and myself who has struggled with an eating disorder for 8 years. I wanted to make a difference upon receiving my healing of anorexia. I wanted to share my story and open myself up to people who were suffering just like I did. I want to show them what God could do in their lives without pushing religion on them. So, I have decided to, and am looking into running a home, like a healing home, or a safe home where young girls can come and just find the healing they need. Anyways, so in case you were wondering what I plan to do with myself when I am not in school, this is the answer. I will be returning to school, totally. I just need some time off to reflect, heal, de-stress myself and embrace what God has planned for the future years.
Oh oh and I promised camping pictures...

The walk down to Lake Huron

Me after just seeing Prof. Cook.

Carrie going down to the beach

I would have published these on my photoblog, but I forgot the password...stink!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

I got the most wonderful gift yesterday. I really want to share it, but I don't know how. I went over to my friend Craig's house yesterday (by the way, the colour scheme that you picked out is really nice, I still want to paint one room red...like the kitchen). He made me a cd with one of my favourite songs on it, but not only is there a song, but a video he made of all my photobucket pictures going along with the song. It was the best. The song is not an extremely happy song so as I was listening to it and watching my life flash before my eyes I pictured myself at my funeral or something...it was an odd feeling. But the gift is amazing. Craig if there is some way I can post a link to it here at Rhapsody in Black will you let me know? Also, while I am here, if you would like videos made to go along with a sermon, or a presentation or something Craig has this wonderful talent for doing that.

P.S~ for some odd reason I can't sit properly today, nor can I turn my head. *sigh* I think this is a sign from God that I shouldn't ever EVER take up golfing as a hobby.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Funny Birthday Story
My mother decided to take me out today. We hit the greens in our nice little golf cart. It was so much fun just spending time together and hanging out. Everything was going fine until my mother decided to take a sharp turn and I fell out of the golf cart. Yes that is right, reserved, princess-ish, prissy me went flying about ten feet out of a golf cart. I have the grass stains on my pants to prove it. A birthday that will go down in history :)
Ya, so I am old today. *sigh* Thank you Scott for making me feel better about being old :) And Aaron for being my first Happy Birthday, and to Sarah for thinking you were my first "happy birthday" (I still love you). I really feel older, but this has been the feeling I've had for a couple of months now. I don't look old, and my younger brothers friends can attest to that, I just feel old. I honestly felt my metabolism slow down to a crawl, and the the weird feeling of my butt sagging...yes, I could actually feel it. Whatever. Anyways, I just thought I would leave you all with something boring to read. I haven't really blogged in the past few days, nothing all that interesting anyways. I guess you could say my mind is garvering. However, I have been super busy.
This is taken from Scott...he is the source of my boringness...he he, not really.

Kissed your cousin:: I am sure I have
Ran away:: yep yep, and I packed microwavable popcorn with me but realized that I had no where to pop it so I came straight home.
Skipped school:: yes, mostly University classes, I will not mention which ones
Broken someone's heart:: sure, doesn't everyone?
Been in love: yeah
Cried when someone died:: umm...I think so
Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have:: no, I can have anyone :P
Broken a bone:: yes several all at once, very weird feeling. Actually I had no feeling at all...it was really cool.
Done something embarrassing:: yes, it includes stairs in a foreign country that doesn't speak English
Done drugs:: yes, but not the illegal kind
Cried in school:: yes

Sprite or 7UP:: Sprite
Girls or Guys:: GIRLS!!! (wait, that answer could get me introuble...)
Flowers or Candy:: Flowers are nice, but I am a kid when it comes to candy...YUMMAH!
Scruff or Clean shaved:: clean shaven (scott...why don't you like stubbly leg hair?)
Blondes or Brunettes:: uh...brunettes (only because I am one, and I know waaaay too many stupid blondes...he he he)
Tall or Short:: Tall is better (I enjoy reaching things at the grocery stores)
Pants or Shorts:: pants, they cover chicken legs
Night or Day:: Night

Showered:: yesterday, I just woke up (blogging takes presidence)
Stepped outside:: early this morning to drive my home bro to work
Your Good Luck Charm:: I don't have one, but I never go to the washroom before any large tests
Person You Hate Most:: I think they know who they are (hi guys, I know you're reading this...). I don't really hate people though, more like I hate their maliciousness and their inhumane way of treating others.
Best Thing That Has Happened to you:: Life, I am alive. That is the best thing
Picture on your desktop:: on which computer? the one in my room has me, Sarah and Carrie, the family comp has my mom's grad picture.

Color:: midnight blue
Movie:: {The} Hours
Artist:: Claude Monet
Car:: Toyota Prius, it's the hybrid model. I like many many cars...
Ice Cream:: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Season:: Spring, and early summer
Breakfast Food:: apple, rarely though

Can you talk to without getting sick of:: Sarah, Aaron, Carrie, Scott...actually anyone who can hold an intelligent conversation who holds non of the above mention qualities that I hate (in people)
Can make you feel better no matter what:: I am just thinking of a situation that happened recently regarding my best friend and Aaron...he he (don't laugh dude) they both made me feel better...oh man, I was upset.
Has A Crush On You:: crushes are for children
Do You Have A Crush On Someone:: not a "crush"
Has it easier? Guys or Girls?:: by far guys. BY FAR!
Gives you A Funny Feeling When You See Them?:: many people..depends on who...and sometimes the funny feeling is a nice funny feeling
Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night:: no, ha!

Save MSN Conversations:: nah, no point unless I wanted to blackmail someone, but I am not into that
Save E-mails:: no
Forward secret E-mails:: no, who does that?
Wish you were someone else:: often, under certain conditions
Wish you were a member of the opposite sex:: nope nope, I am not into grunting and scratching. Oh man...funny story...I sat in the balcony of my church once with Tony my friend the sound guy and I saw so many men check themselves to see if they were still intact...I would hate thaty insecurity, so I am happy with femalehood.
Wear perfume:: yep I wear Aqua by La Senza, and sometimes Patchouli Oil when I am feeling rather bohemian

Fallen for your best friend?:: yes actually her and I were married once, then we divorced and I married my other best friend...oh dear?!
Made out with JUST a friend?:: nope
Been in love?:: haven't I answered this question?
Been in lust?:: Ive tried not to be
Cheated on someone?:: Never
Been cheated on?:: not that I know of.
Done something you regret?:: a few things when I was younger

You touched?:: my mom...she gave me a birthday pat on the arm (sometimes I am not a huggy person)
You talked to?:: my brother and mom...
You hugged?:: no idea
you instant messaged?:: Aaron
You yelled at?:: I don't tend to yell...
You thought about?:: crap I don't have a nickname for this person yet...
Who text messaged you?:: I don't have a cell phone with text messaging at the moment
Who broke your heart?:: no one...

Colour your hair?:: yes
Have tattoos?:: yes, Finding Nemo ones
Have piercing?:: yea, but never activate them
Own a webcam?:: there is one attached to the computer in my room
Own a thong?:: yes...(thanks to my friends Kate and Carrie)
Ever get off the damn computer?:: yes, I am really not on if for very long.
Sprechen Sie Deutsch?:: Ja
K├Ânnen sie?:: Ja "they can.."
Habla espanol?::Si, but that says "it speaks spanish..."
Puede usted? I what??
Quack?:: I know someone who liked to Quack, her name is Gretchen...I met her in Portugal

Stolen anything?:: a cookie at home, and a pen from school when I was in grade 4..I still think about it.
Smoked?:: yep
Schizophrenic?:: me, nah!
Obsessive?:: about certain things
Compulsive?:: yes
Obsessive Compulsive?:: not diagnosed as, but I have a few characteristics of an Obsessive Compulsive
Panic?:: why do you want to know, what is it to you? why do you need to know so many things....oh crap my heart...
Anxiety?:: sometimes
Depressed?:: not really

name:: Erica
sex:: female
Occupation:: relaxing student in the summer
Your house is:: back split, urban, cold right now, peaceful
describe yourself in four words:: artistic, spunky, compassionate, ambitious
nicknames:: Rica-Roo, Leia (which my mother calls me...it is short form for a word which is Hebrew which means joyful worship...I can't spell the word though...) Sparks is the latest nickname...which I like
Most memorable memory:: swinging on the swings with my mom when I was little, she would sing "Imagine, Imagine you can Imagine..."
worst:: feeling out of control for most of my kid hood
favorite word of all time:: auspicious

Your parent's opinion on bf/gf?:: one of my parents thinks that you can have a gf even while you are married. My other parent is into (her children having) Christian boyfriends and girlfriends
the sweetest thing a member of the opposite sex can do for you?:: buy me flowers, oh and sing to me...awww that is so cute
Tall or short:: taller
looks or smarts:: smarts
Are you the type of person to HOLLA and ask for numbers?:: nope I am rather reserved, and I don't tend to HOLLA (whatever that is)

best pets:: my cat Tilly, but I want a Pug Dog named Herbert and a Great Dane named Kitty
short or long hair?:: short on guys, medium on girls
sunshine or rain:: rain
ink or piercings:: umm piercings are less permanent I guess
hugs or kisses?:: depends on who from. Most times I am not a huggy person, but given the right circumstance...
favorite drink:: agua
snail mail or e-mails:: depends on if I want a quick reply
playstation or Nintendo:: neither
car or skateboard:: skateboard. I hate cars right now
best place for a photo shoot:: an abandoned railway (this has been my favourite question thus far)
sing or dance?:: sing

how are you today?:: older, hot, bleh
what pants are you wearing right now?:: I am wearing my pj bottoms
What shirt are you wearing right now?:: blue Campus Crew
what does your hair look like at the moment?:: a mess
what are you listening to?:: My sisters LiveWire music...Sleether I think

...moving on
ok so I hope that was more enjoyable for you then it was for me. Hope you all have a super day...I will be at the beach drinking rum and coke (no calories) and drowning my old aged sorrows. He he...I am not that upset, but in just a few short years I'll be thirty (scary).
Oh in other news, according to a "recent study" which is according to some email I am "insecure with the potential of my manhood, and should consider a drastic change..." apparently I can take an herbal supplement to Viagara and become a better man.
Me: thanks, but no

Monday, July 12, 2004

A while ago I blogged on a decision that I had to make. One that I didn't want to make, but none the less, one I felt I had to make. I felt God was leading me in a different direction which was clear in events that had taken place in my life over the past year or so. These events were decisions I had made (good and bad) and were ones that had an impact on my future. So, I have decided to quit school. I have one year left (well, sort of...just a few courses to complete), but I am completely convinced that God has other plans for the moment. I do feel a bit stupid, not completing university, quitting when I was ahead, blah blah blah, but I had to do it. If you feel that you need/want details or anything please feel free to email me (ophelias_butterfly@hotmail.com). I am not yet content with my decision, but it has been made, so...I guess there is no turning back now.
My blog series will continue in a few days as I have been busy with work and have had little time to study.

~2 days til my birthday
~taking a study break to work on my tan (which is looking nice)
~cleaned cottages yesterday at a Christian camp, which I loved, but it was hard work
~didn't go to a family picnic
~figured out the directions to get to Elora Gorge
~ate ice cream
...pretty boring weekend