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Friday, July 02, 2004

It is always exciting to hear people's stories. I had a conversation with my friend Aaron last night and we shared how God in his infinite mercy reached down and pulled us into His everlasting embrace. Talking about such things with people brings that inward feeling of Christian fellowship, which definitely draws people closer together. As I was blogsurfing today I stumbled here as I do every so often, and read part of the story that has drawn someone else to this everlasting life in Christ. It was touching. I think we should share our Salvation stories more often, it is so encouraging to read.
My story began in the basement of a church. I was attending Awan Club as a six year old child. I went to this club for as long as I can remember (before being six). I was in church from the womb, it was just something my mother had us do, not against our own will. So, this one day the teacher Ruth Barber was telling the story of Daniel, and how in the Lions Den he sought out help from God. As a six year old, the natural reaction would be "I would like scream and run around if I was in a lions den" but deep inside I felt this pulling (I guess now your would describe it as a wooing). I asked to be excused to go to the washroom. In the washroom I knelt down on the toilet seat and asked Jesus to take over my life, just like He did in Daniel's. Life did not have a complete turn around. I was six, there was nothing that I had to turn around from. Nonetheless I had a new life in Christ. I continued to go to church, be involved in the youth group and just serve God in the only way I knew. It became boring though. God was too inthe box for me and I just got frusterated with my relationship with God. I felt that I could chew solid food, even without reading my Bible. Suddenly I felt that I was going downhill, but I didn't know what to do. I thought, once a Christian always a Christian, so I let myself go on the downward spiral. Certain situations encouraged me in this destructive, ungodly lifestyle including the seperation of my parents. I stopped eating so that I could gain some control over my unruly life. I felt that I had gained control. I was surreal, Nirvana to some. Through this God was moving my mother into a new phase of her Christian walk, which introduced her to the Pentecostal beliefs. I just followed because at the time, I had nothing else to do. Things started to get better, I was numb, and this chuch that I was at brought me the God that I was searching for years earlier, but I was not in the state to accept it. I wanted to after seeing my mother and brother transformed, I so wanted everything. I decided in my mind that regardless of what life handed me, I was going to stick close to God, and he would straighten my paths. I had no idea what I was saying. When you say to God "sure I'll serve you with everything in me" he hold you to it. I still struggled, the family situation got progressively worse, and things again were going against me, but my decision to go through it with God made all the difference.
Anyway, that is the condensed version. Be encouraged :) and thank you and Aaron for sharing your stories.
Atwood Update
When I first picked up Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood I had the familiar feelings that I had experienced when reading The Handmaid's Tale. It was that strange I'm reading a new book, but it is alittle weird. I was hoping that this new book would keep my interest, and it has.

Oryx and Crake begins with a character who calls himself Snowman, sleeping in a tree and only covered by a bed sheet. His lifeless body is wasting away as he is starving,trying to preserve the food he has left. He seems to be a victim/survivor of some cataclysmic event. His tree is situated near a village where he has contact with children. These children have different coloured skin, but have one feature in common; they all have green eyes. A creation of Crake. These Crakers are naieve to the real world, and previous things that took place before this horrfic catastrophe. Snowman remembers many things from the past (late 21st Century) and says things like piss which the Craker children do not recognize. They run around chanting "piss, piss, piss" and then saying "what does it mean Snowman." They also ask him why he has hair on his face and no one else does. These Crakers are a dystopian creation meant for good (or so it seems thus far).

Snowman reflect on his previous life as a child, Jimmy. Who takes part in a major experiment called Extinctathon with his friend Glen (later/previously known as Crake).
Thus far I reccommend this book to Prof. Cook teaching ENG 222. He is the one who originally introduced me to Margaret Atwood, and I fell inlove. Her style is bold, creepy, horrific etc. This would be an amazing addition to the reading list.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

1-800 I'm a Freaking Taxi
So I am now my brothers personal taxi driver sans the pay cheque. Not only do I have to put up with his attitude, but his girlfriend's as well. He's 17 and acts like a PMSsing girl 24/7. karlie if you are reading this: see... I like you more :)
anyways, so my whole day is spent driving around lazy teenagers, so I wont be able to do any reading, so that means no Atwood Update today.
I have birthed a blog baby into this cold harsh world.Craig has been doing well on his own, and almost into solid food now. Congrats Craig. Check him out girls :)
Anyways to my patriotic friends (JD, you are the only one) Happy Canada Day. I will be working tonight making double time and a half (LUCKY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Woot woot!

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Oh What a Glorious Morning
I woke up early today, well my mother woke me up early today. I have errands to run and all that fun stuff. The sun is teasing to come out. I wish it would just do it rather then think about it. Maybe it is self conscious about...a bald spot or something. I want to go lay out in the sun today with the book I am reading (which is not on my reading list), but I burn even with 40 SPF sunscreen. I think I will just stay inside and read by the window. Although I got a window burn driving home from camping. It is the size of a chocolate bar. I shoudl take a picture of it, it is the funniest thing ever.
Ok, about my book: my good friend Sarah came over earlier this week and lent me Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood. I Was so excited to begin this book. I am on chapter five and can't stop reading. I get into these reading moods where I cannot whatsoever but the book down. This is a bad bad thing because I end up wasting a whole day reading. I will write alittle summary of the book when I am finished. I can't wait to be finished.
I just want to complain for a second. I cannot stand truck drivers. For the second time this month they have failed to see me driving and a whole bunch of other cars as well.
1. a dump truck was pulling out into traffic, I was ten feet away going 80. Slammed on my breaks and was forced to pull over. Should this ever happen? No, I don't think so.
2. Yesterday I was driving home from some where and it was a 70 road and the light was green at this intersection. I was in the middle of it (and it isn't that big) and the truck turning through it decides to turn. Again slam on the breaks swerve into oncoming traffic. Smart move buddy.
Is my dislike for truck drivers valid? I think they are the cockiest people on the road, sitting up all high in their rigs thinking they own the road and we have to obey them. I did develop a good rapport with s few truck drivers during my days of driving back and forth to Redeemer which this student can identify with. I drove basically the same times everyday and saw the same trucks and the same cars on their way to and from work. We would wave at each other once we were aware that we took the same road everyday, and a few of my truck drivrs friends would give me the thumbs up. It was great.
Anyways, should I end this blog off with a question?

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I created a photolog. I seem to be taking a lot of pictures, which is my passion and I want to share them often. So http://tres-snaphappy.blogspot.com is where you can view pictures and such :)
Some of you may know my cousin Jenn Mayhew who attended Redeemer for a semester. She moved to Georgia to live with her husband and then new son Jacob Israel. Well, she has just had another little baby Aurora Leal, who is super cute and very tiny :)

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Death, Sexual Assult, and Professor Cook: Camping Pt.3
So you may wonder what all of these things have in common...right? They all happened at some point during my camping trip, not to mention being called Princess constantly. As you may or may not have noticed I was kind of sort of looking forward to this camping trip...any ways I will give it to you in list form. I have no desire to write an essay right now.
1. got to the campsite, no big deal...looked ok...tent was clean
2. had to go pee...only toilet that we knew of was this jonny on the spot that had moles living inside. I screamed.
3.got told I was a princess many a time. Didn't need to be reminded so often, but some people feel the need to restate the obvious
4. went to a wedding. The father of the bride came up to me (completely sloshed) grabbed me by the neck and held it for a while he was telling me all about his life while I silently choked. I think my face turned purple as Carrie's family watched in horror. He finished, let go, and grabbed my boob. Yep that's right. Anyway, he stunk of rum and garlic.
5. the camp ground was holding a wedding near the washrooms, and my campsite people decided that it would be fun to make fun of them (not to them, just about them). Saying "what a crappy wedding" blah blah blah...it turns out that it is dear Professor Cook's son who was getting married...it was strange being all grubbed out, not showering for days and seeing one of your favourite professors in the same position. Kinda freaky.
Anyways, I am home, and still counting the days (17 days) til my bday :) whoopeee
For those of you confused: I went camping with my friend Carrie. She and her family and their friends were attending a nephew/cousin/grandson/friend wedding and I was Carrie's date. We (the Radford's) showed up to this quaint little Catholic Church all decked out in out Sunday best smelling of bug spray and campfire. Barbara, the bride to be comes from a family (notice I didn't say lovely family) who owns a garlic plantation. She has obsessive compulsive disorder, and likes to bark out orders to everyone and their dog, or so we saw at the wedding. Ok funny thing: Gordon (husband to be) has a family who is for the most part Christian (and I use the term very broadly). Most of them attend church of some Christian sort. So we (the Christians) walk into the church and plop down in our seats. Some comments about the "padded foot rests" flew about, as the Catholics sat silently in their seats, hands in laps, staring off into space. The ceremony began....we all stand up because yippee....here comes the bride. The "christian" side sits down as the catholic side remains standing and hailing Mary and doing the cross thing on their chest. Up stands the Christians (kind of like the wave...back to front) not knowing what to do but giggling. The Madagasscarian/french Catholis Priest mummbles something at the end saying "and peace to you all" while the catholic side (still standing) responds "and also to you." Christians look around stunned and alittle afraid (were we supposed to say something?) The catholics sit down...we look at each other and sit down too. the whole ceremony was like that. Christians following the Catholics....."and peace to you" my response "right back at ya!"
So, I will add that to my interesting experience list....that and getting mauled by a drunk guy....that was just creepy. Anyways, I just thought I would share a bit from the trip...I will post horrific pictures later. Stay Tuned