Rhapsody in Black

Designed to Make You Feel Like the Sane One

Thursday, June 24, 2004

My Birthday Present List for Craig:
1. a black horse that comes with people who will lokk after it
2. a black Lexus IS 300
3. a pug Dog
4. a collection of classical music
5. a Monet painting
6. an SLR Camera, full kit and tripod
7. just a card (FULL OF MONEY)
8. nothing, maybe a hug and coffee would do

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Now that it is officially summer, the count down til my birthday has begun (22 days). For some reason I am extra giddy. I feel like a young kid...22 more sleeps til you can open all your presents. Anyways, summer is here and the living is easy. My days are filled puttering around my house, sitting on my deck with a good book and iced tea, and hanging out with people that I can never get enough of. It is such an extreme coming from 9 months of hard work, sleepless nights, headaches, and sore eyes. Now if I have sleepless nights and sore eyes and too much reading to do, it is my own fault. How great is that? The one thing that is giving me a headache is the whole voting situation. I once was Liberal, I still probably agree with most liberal stuff...but fed up with their "looking out for number one" mentality. Conservatives are right out of the question. I know Mike Harris was one in a million, but Conservatives are just in the game to make the wealthy wealthier. NDP is also out of the question. Our NDP person is Jack Layton and is described as a "smart, tough cookie." I don't know about you, but anyone described as a cookie sure doesn't make me want to vote for them. However, the NDP group is concerned with the working class. They are the voice for single mothers on welfare or whatever ever else. They seem to be the one's most concerned with real people. I will not be voting for them. The Green party isn't even going to make it so I wont even bother. So, I am thinking Liberal, can someone please sway my decision elsewhere (even though my vote wont even matter).
I have a dumb question. When you ask someone how they are and they reply "I am well" (which is proper) how does one reply? "I am well aswell" ???

Monday, June 21, 2004

Camping Pt. 2
In just a few days now I will be sucking it up in the great out doors, otherwise known as Goderich. I have not been to Goderich nor do I have the desire to go to Goderich. Goderich will soon be known as "the place that gave me skin cancer and west nile". I shall rename it Satanepoor (not to be confused with Sungapore...hmmm spelling problem in the past tense.....ENGLISH MAJORS WHERE ARE YOU???). Singapore. Anyway, camping is just kind of an out of the question for Erica kind of thing, I rate it on the same scale as cleaning dog poop. My mom says "oh but you like camping" I say "who is she kidding?" So, despite my undesire to go, I sought out wise counsel. Actually wise counsel kinda of offered itself in the form of my friend JD. I have the feeling that he thinks I am going for a year to the shadiest part of Algonquin. So he tells me this(and JD please forgive me for displaying this, but you know you like the attention): this is the condensed version

"Well, I hope you have fun camping,but not too much fun!I'm sure you can't be as bad as the girls in legally blonde. Just make sure you bring lots of fresh water, (about 2 gallons/day) make sure you bring bug spray with deet in it, (it's carcinagenec but in small doses it won't hurt you). Don't forget sunscreen, (SPF of at least 29) you will need 2 pairs of socks/day (very important to have dry feet) and an emergency set of clothing, (in case it rains) bring nuts and dried fruit, (lightweight and full of fuel) have at least one big meal/day, (you will burn more carbs than your body is used to) bring stick type matches and strong garbage bag to hide any dry wood you may find, bring a small first aid kit consisting of band aids, gauze and siccors, 2 traingle bandages, pepto-bismol and advil, (you'll need the last 2 because of unnoticed dehydration and fatigue) a whistle if you have one to signal help, in the event of an emergency. You should be able to pack all of that into a normal highschool backpack except the water."

So far, my floral suitcase is packed with:

a loufah and Oil of Olay Soap
my tooth brush and toothpaste
7 changes of clothes
7 pairs of undergarments
toenail polish
bug spray
ear plugs
a walkman with classical music
some magazines
a blow dryer (I am not sure why...but just in case)
blankets and pillows
...am I missing anything?

Birds, Family and Other Unrelated Issues
I came onto the internet for a specific purpose. I am not sure what that purpose is anymore, so I thought "well hey, seize the oppertunity and blog" I am still not really in a blogging mood, so I will give you a list (I am so sorry if this bothers you Philmont, but suck it up).

~went to Port Dover yesterday. It was nice, and cold.
~my sister has two obnoxious girls over who spent the night. I am lacking in the sleep department.
~church was interesting last night. Very cold again, but we have it in this huge tent, it is awesome.
~I coloured my hair. It was too dark so I decided to make it a bit lighter. Now I need a tan on my face to balance out the lightness. *sigh* one never wins with one's hair.
~have decided that people who mock vegans/vegetarians should be persecuted. I sit with this girl at work, who is loud and talks alittle too much. This is her comment "I enjoy cutting a slab of flesh off of an animal every now and then." I would never even say that if I was a steak/pork chop/sausage/fish/milk/ribs/wings eating sort.

...I will come back to my list later... I need to shoe (?) away some birds that find it necessary to screech in my back yard.