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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Of Birds and Other Crap
This week I have had quite an interesting time with the animal kingdom. Firstly, one has to realize that I don't voluntarily eat animals, so killing them is right out of the question. I like animals, they are great, when they are five feet away from me. Ok, so here's how it goes. I am sitting in my living room getting ready for a long Saturday at work. I was watching the weather channel because I have to park my car and walk a few blocks to get to work, so I wanted to know if I needed an umbrella. When all of the sudden "THUMP!!!!!!!" right above me is this picture window which has feathers stuck to it, and I run to the sliding doors and find this mourning dove laying on my deck bleeding to death. Right away I started crying. I went inside and got a laundry basket to put ontop of if. I didn't want to touch it because I figured it was in shock, but I also didn't want the cats to get to it. My theory is this, had you read my blog recently that talked about the three mourning doves that perch on my deck, and how I wondered why three and not two...well the bird that died is (by the colouring) a female, and she committed suicide because her husband (mourning dove #2) was having an affair with her best friend (mourning dove #3, also female because of her colouring). I went out later that day and found Mr. Mourning Dove dead in my yard. This reminds me of a poem, I think (and don't quote me on this) it is To His Coy Mistress....no what is that poem where the guy is marrying his mistress and she is really really young, and he has had several other wives that were old and had died...it's an ENG 104 poem. Anyways, another issue I have with the birds is that they crap all over my car constantly. I am not sure if my car screams "johnny on the spot" but when I go to get in it is just covered with bird crap. I could park my car in the driveway, but my mother has to park at a weird angle in the driveway so that the birds that live in our car port don't kill her. Basically when we get out of our cars (in the driveway) we have to count to three and run for our lives, heaven forbid we don't have our keys ready. The Robin family is very protective of their babies. Personally, I am fed up. No more bird watching for me. To make matters worse, the same day the bird killed her self, I went driving to work (all shat upon) and I was driving along, and "THUMP!!!!" I ran over something, so putting my car in reverse I backed up and "THUMP!!!!" you guessed it, ran over it again. By now my nerves are shot and I am just on the verge of wailing. I get out of my car and there is this poor poor rabbit mushed into my tire. You can imagine how I felt having to go to work. I mean for crying out loud, I don't even eat the stupid things!!!!!!!! They are out to get me, I swear. I had a really bad day at work thinking about it, and left saying that I was sick. Now, is this a sign? can it be explained? am I animally challenged? what??

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Belem, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal (my favourite street)

Lisbon, Portugal (the view from the bathroom)

Monday, May 17, 2004

I went to church last night, which I do every Sunday night. My church holds it's services in the evenings because my pastor is an evangelist and is away at other churches in the morning. I go to a church that is not defined as being Pentecostal or Charismatic, and to tell you the truth, I wouldn't lable it as that either. There are quite a few people that are in attendence, who are from a plethora of denominations. I myself came out of a Baptist church, and there are others who are from the CRC church and my pastor is High Anglican. We represent the multi faceted body of Christ, each coming together from opposite spectrums of the Christian world with the same desire, to love and seek more of God. After having been sick for a few weeks, and with the ending of exams I haven't really been able to attend my church, which I have regretted. I enjoy it there.
Our church is the mother church of Caleb's House in Orillia, Eagle's Nest TO in Toronto, and Harvest House in Niagara Falls. Our chuch is the sister church of Brownsville Courts of Praise in Pensecola, Florida (just to give you a bit of history). The church in TO is basically Hungarian. The strange thing is Michael, the pastor is Egyptian. They have an amazing translator. Anyways, things have been happening at that church that can be defined as miracles. I sat in my seat last night in tears. Weeping not because I was sad, or even because I was happy. I was weeping because God is moving in such a powerful way, and so many Christians are missing out. We are confined to our religious boxes and not branching out to the fullness that God has for us.
One lady's testimony really had an impact. She had been praying for her family for years that they would at least come to church. No one would come, they had no time for God. However, God in is mercy touched her family and set the husband free of smoking, he got saved; the lady's son was healed of cancer which had stolen his young life from him, he is set free and alive and well in the church. Where have I been???
I sit comfortably in a pew every Sunday that basically has my name on it. I shake a few people's hands, and I go home. I go to my nice, religious school where doctrines are discussed as often as my 14 year old sister talks about boys. My point is that we get so caught up in man made rules and regulations, that we forget the real reason why we are Christians. I am not a Christian so that I can believe that my child should or should not be baptized, I am not a Christian so I can argue with my best friend why I do or do not believe in speaking in tongues. I am a Christian because Jesus died for my sins so that I may one day live with Him, but for now I strive to see His fullness in my life. Yes I was baptized as a child, yes I do believe in very controversial subjects that many people like to "argue" but I love Jesus with my whole heart and want to see my relationship with Him grow to it's fullest. There have been many instances in my life where I have seen miracles. I have been healed several times of things that could have hurt me. When I was in Portugal I didn't get medical insurance, it just didn't pose as a need, but one day I hurt myself really bad and was in the house alone. My ankle popped out of it's socket and my foot turned instantly black. The pain was so great I thought I would die. I cried out for God, because that is all I knew to do and He touched me. There have been other things which I don't care to share that I have been healed from and it is in that place where I find Jesus. I don't find Him in a heated discussion about Church politics. Those things are ok, in moderation. But in quite and confidence do I find my strength.
After hearing testimony after testimony of how God is moving in my brother's and sister's lives at the Hungarian church in TO I thought, where am I? Where have I been? Why have I strayed so far from who Jesus really is?
If you read this and are the type that likes to discuss church politics on a regular basis I do not mean to offend you. What I am trying to say is that we should break the denominational, dividing walls that keep us bound and distracted from why we are Christians.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Vegan Recipes:
As most of you know, I am vegan (level 5). I have included an amazing dish that I like to create, and just thought I would pass along. It is delicious and very nutritious.

3/4 cup cooked chick peas
1/4 cup tahini
1/4 cup finely chopped onion
oil for cooking

Mash the chick peas, tahini and onion together and form into one inch balls. Dredge these in flour and deep fry at 350 degrees. They can also be made into patties and sauteed if desired, a patty makes a good vegan pita bread filling.

Preparation time: 5min