Rhapsody in Black

Designed to Make You Feel Like the Sane One

Friday, April 30, 2004


1. What do you do for a living? I crack conspiracy codes
2. What do you like most about your job? travelling
3. What do you like least about your job? being secritive
4. When you have a bad day at work it's usually because _____... when my husband tells me that the people I work with aren't actually real and then I have to go for shock therapy
5. What other career(s) are you interested in? don;t know

Thursday, April 29, 2004

I have just noticed recently that I eat the weirdest things. Like I am talking WEIRD! I have been trying to stay on this vegan kick, so my choice of foods is enormously limited. I thought I would share my list of likes, maybe you can try them out (they really are good, trust me). I am a dipper though (skinny dipper). I like to dip all of my foods in something. I am not sure if that is an inherited trait or not. Anywho here is my list:
#1 Pretzels dipped in Mustard (usually just a summer snack)
#2 Seasme seed bagel toasted with butter dipped in tomatoe sauce (Ragu works fine)
#3 Plain Chips dipped in Ketchup
#4 Peanut butter on bread dipped in Chicken noodle soup.
#5 Tortilla chips dipped in Sour cream (sometimes salsa depending on my mood).
#6 Tofu cut up into little pieces mixed with itallian salad dressing.
#7 cake sprinkles
#8 smartied mixed with popcorn
and for a drink, Perrier water with a quarter cup of any flavoured Frutopia. Yummah!

Monday, April 26, 2004

Quiet Time
I often like to stay up late. After everyone has gone to bed, and the television is off, and there is no music blaring from the basement, my house turns into quietness. I like to make a cup of tea and sit in the "good room" watching cars drive down the street close to ours. I think about the day, what I have learned, if I have learned, and just little things like that. Today I sit with a bowl of vegetarian ravioli in front of the computer watching Will and Grace re runs (speaking of which I have a digression: if we don't support the sin of homosexuality, how can we watch television with a homosexual theme? I am speaking to myself here, because I am the one sitting here watching it). Anyways, today is a different night. I have nothing to ponder besides what went on at work tonight, which was basically nothing. I enjoy nights like these, when I don't have to unwind. I can just pretend the world is at my fingertips and not even give school a second thought.
I work with many people that look like people from school. Like for instance, Scott F, he has a twin named Derek. And I work right beside a lady that looks like Joyce (I think it's the glasses), and I look like Sarah, so that one is obvious. And Elise, you have a twin named Christina. It is so weird.
Anyways, I decided to hold off on that car for a bit. I just priced a whole computer system and it is going to be a bit pricey....the car will just have to wait until August...that means I wont be getting the one I want. So sad...oh well that just means that I have a bit more time to spend with Lola, me dearest. Ok, I am going to finish up and retire for the evening. G'nite all.
In quoting the infamous McDonald's commercial that introduces the new McNuggets "change is good." Over the past year I think I have undergone the most change in my life. Actually the past 5 years, but I would just like to focus on the now.
Change #1 My marks have increased considerably.
Change #2 I practically lost my best friend. She has been on placement and in the Ed. program which I am so proud of her for doing. I have not seen enough of her or even had a good conversation with her, and the one time we did, it was awkward. I miss her.
Change#3 I spent most of my semester in a dark part of the school with Sarah. I am not used to locking myself away to study (let alone with Sarah). It has been an amazing semester and I think Sarah and I have connected in a way that is good.
Change #4 My hair is short. I have had long hair my whole life I decided to cut it, however it has grown a little, but it will be short again soon.
Change #5 I have been in and out of court with my mother, which I have never done before. It has been a good learning experience. All I have to say is, I never want to be a lawyer. I used to actually. Apparently I can argue really well.
Change #6 Being family free this year. This is kind of multifaceted. My mother has been in London all semester, and my sister began grade 9, which left me as the only one in my family at Redeemer. And For one whole year I haven't spoken to my father. Actually I haven't really spoken to many of my family members this past year. School has been my main priority.
Change #7 I became a vegetarian. I have caved once in a while though, so I am not serious hard core yet.
Change #8 I started a blog.
Change #9 hmmm I actually can't think of any other changes. If you can, let me know.
I think the thing that I have realized throughout my whole University career is that time is so short. I have spent four years getting my B.A. and for some reason it has only felt like a month. I have written around 40 exams and an equal amount of papers, and still four years has just passed by so quickly. My attitudes towards things have been shaped so much by what I have learned over the years, and that is not always a good thing. I have learned to prioritize my time and schedule. And it is all coming to an end very soon. It is a strange feeling.