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Friday, April 23, 2004

The Friday Five

What was the last song you heard?
Karaoke Superstars, by Superchic[k]

What were the last 2 movies you saw?
Oh man, Texas chainsaw, and Mona Lisa Smile, both in the same day, bth with the one and only.

Last 3 things you purchased?
A Nalgene bottle (sigh, I caved), a Gap ball cap, and really cute undergarments

What 4 things do you need to do this weekend?
work, go to a birthday party, do my laundry, clean my room, wash my car

Who are the last 5 people you talk to?
my "husband" JD, Dee, Tobi Lynn, Dennis, Mel (I just got home from work...they are all work people)

Mood alright, just ate a whole bag of pistachios and a whole bag of grapes. So much for my eating healthy. Although, both true vegan foods.
Music Superchic[k] for the moment
I got a call last night from my supervisor at work who let me know that I have super hours for the summer. Now I can actually afford the insurance on my car and I can buy a new computer. The downside, I work near my dad's girlfriend which is not all that exciting. She thinks she bugs me....he he...meh, I don't care, I just don't want to look at her everyday, Saturdays were bad enough.
Ok, so I am officially returning to Redeemer in the fall. Not that I really really want to, but because I am getting a better degree. I talked it over with some people today. I was thinking man...five years at Redeemer....that sucks, but there was this guy I knew in first year who had been at Redeemer for like 8 years...and I know some other people who have been as well so I am not feeling too bad.
Alright, so I have been putting some poetry in here off and on, some stuff that I wrote off the top of my head and some stuff that took me a while to write, but I am thinking about writing my collection of poems that I have written over the years. However, that makes me nervous. For one, it isn't all about flowers and pretty things. It is like deep down how I feel poems. So I am alittle nervous about offendind people (not that I write about people), but because I am a Christian so people would say...oh you shouldn't be writing like that. So, I am thinking, do I really want that criticism, but on the other hand I have never been one to take other people serious. Anyways, not a huge dilemma, just a hey what do you think? I was also thinking of putting them in a portfolio and maybe making a book. I have already written a book (unpublished of course) but still a book (it's freaking hilarious, too).
Anyways, whatever....I will write later...oh and I have to finish my top 50 list...hmmmm

#31 lip gloss, fruity flavours
#32 journaling
#33 sitting by the pool in the middle of the summer and soaking up the sun
#34 Nietzsche
#35 John Donne
#36 the Medieval Era
#37 banana flavoured Popcicles
#38 studying other cultures and living in other cultures
#39 my church
#40 composing music on the piano
#41 guitars
#42 interior design
#43 architecture
#44 doors on old houses
#45 peppermint tea
#46 Libraries

Thursday, April 22, 2004

The Art of Doing Nothing
I have been completely done for a whole day now. It has been exciting. I am free, in a sense. However, I have this sickening feeling that I need to study something. I actually miss studying. I sat up last night watching the season premiere for Blue Murder, and thought to myself, do I need to study, should I be reading english texts? Hmmm....such an unsettling feeling.
Ok, so I almost forgot to complete my list of 50 things I like, so without further adieu: I give you #16-30.

#16 my cat
#17 travelling
#18 when someone walks buy and you get their afterdraft of smell, if it smells good, I like that.
#19 wearing sandals (sans socks)
#20 John's leg hair ( especially when he is sitting in a hot tub showing it off)
#21 the french revolution Oh my gosh, I feel awesome. The storming of the walls of Bastille happened on my birthday like 300 years ago.....isn't that awesome?
#22 History
#23 watching a good movie on a Saturday night
#24 17th Century English (they are all perverts, but very funny at times)
#25 The cafeteria ladies at school, they are so cute, and I think at times feel unappreciates. YOU GO LADIES!
#26 pug dogs
#27 my new purse that sarah picked out for me in the mall. It isn't leather! (I am a true vegan)
#28 clean hands, super clean hands
#29 that hand sanitizer stuff, I think I have become immune to it so now it doesn't work.
#30 baby carrots, but not the centers. Ug. Ok, stay tuned for the next 15 top 50 likes. I only think in multiples of 15....ha that and I don't like many things.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I licked my exams.....!!!!!!!PHL 355 was a joke. I am feeling fine.....oh yeah! I almost wish I could exemplify what nietzsche said in his essay "On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life". He is the great reductionist, the great forgetter of the past. I wish that I could just forget all that I have done and start out brand new. Or take up Collingwood's theory and fill in the past with my imagination. I would love to forget ever taking Philosophy of history, and Environmental science, either that or I would love to fill it in with things like....a+ marks and a new found knowledge on the subjects, but alas I cannot. it seems the past is still too recent a reality that the only thing I can do is mull it over and wish I had done better. It is funny, and I reiterate and quote Plantinga in saying "students do most of their learning within exam week." This is more then true. I learned all i could about PHL 355 in a matter of about a week. Throughout the whole semester I engaged in my readings, but it never really set in. I figured that I had a whole semester so...meh. But when it came down to the crunch I learned a heck of a lot. I am now taking a break from exercising my mental facilities. Oh and I am buying a car. It is a really pretty blue one. I am so psyched. It is a 2001 Alero, fully loaded. If I trade in the car I have I am looking at an awesome deal :) So, now all I have to do is phone the insurance company and find out how much money they'd like to steal from me monthly. Anyways, I am done, and Sarah is not....I am laughing. but she is sick so I will keep my laughing to a minimum. he he..ok that's it. Good luck poopsie :)

Monday, April 19, 2004

In a matter of 18 hours school and my fourth year will be officially over for me. That's right, my fourth year. Such an accomplishment. (bah). I will be back though, seems that I am smart enough to engage in another major. Lucky me. So I totally spanked my exams so far. They have been unusually easy, which is nice. However, I have been throwing up and stressing over this final exam for about 2 weeks now. My PHL 355 exam. If you have ever had a conversation with me this semester, or over heard a conversation of mine, or wished you could talk to me, I am sure you found out that I hate this class. Now, I know "hate is a strong word" but really, I couldn't hate anything more than this class. I challenged myself (and won) to never let my head touch the desk in this class. I overcame that huge obstacle. Now, writing the exam is another story. I haven't had the greatest success with this class, but can you blame me? I mean, who the &$*^ likes philosophy... ok maybe you, but you are freaking weird. I have heard that some plan their schedules based on the professors teaching, unfortunately I have not, and have ended up with classes like this (and many others over the years). I am not even going to condone the class, saying that oh, maybe it was a bad semester for some....no this class was a huge waste of Redeemer money, my time, my sanity, my (hmmmm...whatelse)..ok, I wasted enough tylenol over this class to deheadacheify a whole counrty. All in all, philosophy is just not my thing. Nor will it ever be, nor do I want it to ever be. So be it that one of my friends likes it...they will be excommunicated. The End.
But anyways, generally I am not normally this ademant about something, especially when it comes to hating something. I think Redeemer brings out the best in that area for me. I read of people's top 50 likes list...here I am making a top 100 hate list. I blame that on my spending a considerable part of my life locked away in a hole in the side of Redeemer, as I slave away trying to get decent marks, when I could be at like say Mac getting super fly marks with a social life, and never have to study....if life were like this you wouldn't need a visa card....
Ok ok so I will make a top 50 (or so) likes list (some may contradict others):
#1 waking up to the sound of birds
#2 not waking up until 3 hours after my alarm clock rings
#3 portuguese bread
#4 portuguese anything
#5 the sound of the ocean
#6 bagepipes
#7 my mother
#8 the rest of the family that I have talked to in the past...week
#9 the auditorium at school
#10 golden grahams
#11 sarah's glasses
#12 older people (they have so much history)
#13 waking up with my cat curled up in my bed
#14 classical music
#15 grand pianos
....to be continued