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Friday, April 16, 2004

I love the out doors. The wind and the sun, the mourning doves that perch on the bird feeder and coo away, the gold finches that eat upside down, the trees swaying in the breeze. I love everything about nature that won't hurt me. Meaning: safe nautre, away from the bears and snakes, spiders, mosquitos, bees, ants, beetles. So basically I like standing on my deck. I was just outside sitting on a chair, coffee in hand (not my crazy mocha espresso coffees that I am used to), a nice afghan wrapped around me, and an umbrella so the birds don't poop on me. How ironic that I would be studying Environmental Science while sitting on my deck? I was just reading about Hamilton Harbour (who cares, right?) And thinking about being there. There is a really nice yacht/boat club around there... *sigh* I would love to go boating now, but alas, I have to study.
I still have three exams Env.101 which I am not all that worried about. Meh, I am passing the class. Rel. 251 I have all the study notes for this class, it is just actually sitting down and studying them. And Phl 355, I have already thrown up like 10 times just thinking about this exam. I have finished reading Nietzsche's Advantages and Disadvantages on history (again) which for the third time through is very enlightening. I like his three approaches: Momumental, Antiquarian and Critical. Very thought provoking. I have to finish the plantinga book. It, so far, has been very interesting. I wish I could remember it all. My brain only has a small capacity for knowledge I could care less about. It seems that the only thing which I can store into my brain about that course is what time it is on Monday and Wednesdays ( I don't think that will pass me).
Another thing that I love, and I'll close with this: procrastination, it is beautiful. I came inside (from studying) to answer the phone and then decided to write a blog. I am done now. Finished. My study break is complete. Now...for more coffee...

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Donne- Nous Aujourd'hui Notre Pain Quotidien
The Lord's Prayer has always been a favourite of mine. I remember saying it in grade one, the year before it was banned. I would stand proudly beside my desk and just belt it out with all the six year old enthusiasm that was within me. However, I recently took a French class here at Redeemer (French year should I say) and every class this prayer was drilled into my head in French, and for that I will ever be grateful. The prof, amidst sighs and moans, would begin each day with this prayer, and it would always remind me of when I was young, saying this prayer in school.
I went through a rebellious stage during my teen years. It was a sort of inner rebellion against God for allowing things to happen. I regressed and got sick. My relationship with God suffered and I just went to church. I had no involved relationship with Jesus. I was just going downhill and getting more and more frusterated at God. The line "give us this day our daily bread" always stuck out to me, it was my favourite line to say in French (because I like the word aujourd'hui), and my favourite line to listen to in English.
Even when we run so far away from God, He still desires to feed us. I began to open my Bible and just read and I felt myself becoming a different person. Yeah, I still had issues. Yes my life wasn't perfect, nor was my family. But I fed on the word of God, and my desire for Him grew. I realized that what I was searching for was not control, not a way out, but the daily bread that I found in God's word. It nourished my soul and brought me to a new realization of who I am in Christ. My problems and circumstances in life are so insignificant compared to the life I have in Christ.
This is my favourite Bible passage and although I almost cringed each time I had to say it in that French class...because we HAD to say it, deep down inside I enjoyed saying it...forever and ever, Amen.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

One more for the day
I just realized as I was making coffee, that I only make enough for one cup at a time...which is ok because no one else drinks coffee in my house and I usually only have 2 a day. Pretty good. My issue is this: I put enough scoops of coffee grinds in for the whole freaking pot. I have been wondering why I have been so sick (to the ladies at work, yes I am pregnant that's right). I've been on a caffieine high for the past semester. OMG!
Poetic Justice
I just wrote my very last English exam ever. The next time an English exam comes up, I will probably be the one issuing it. I have very much enjoyed my "career" as an English major and am saddened that it has to come to an undergraduate end. Can one major and minor in English at the same time?
Oh, I was just inspired. One of my friends signed onto MSN and his name inspired me to write (another poem). This is a compilation of all the MSN names that I have on my list!
Ode to MSN:
Captain Obvious, Captain Oblivious
You're in the Matrix Charlie brown.
Teenage Drama Queen, Beary Nice Lady
Don't touch the pusher robot he's malfunctioning.
Wandering Gypsy,and to Lauren
Fire is a beautiful sound.
Imagination's Taking over, Kate is one more day without a lover.
In Whino Veritas, Elise more Whining is to be had.
Grace is not only for the unmerited favour of God
Micah, don't you know?
The one and only, King Bob
Listen to Foster Jenkins, Teddy Bear.
Cheryl Lynn, haven't you ever wanted to Wake up
With the rain falling on a tin roof?
Mabby Oh so sick, such a Rhapsody in Black.
I'm H2o intolerent and to failure will I go.
Princess Portuguese if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off.
What we've got here is failure to communicate.
3 done and 2 left to go
Whoo hoo to pride, and camping with Girls is fun
Mike- Oh
Sexy Lisa, you Dirty little devil
And to Angel, sweet as pie
To Windsor I will go, who knew?
Time to start working for God cool Kitten.
Don, making choices in life is not easy, so ask God.
Save the Last Dance oh Lisa Marie
Andy and Chell and Craig
Not Two but three
Dr. Tray knows that Hannah
Loves Sex and Lives life.
And If I were naked you would see my hoo hoo
Burger in my mouth.
Justin and Launa, I'm sure you know
My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
Take Heed in these words
Study for cost accounting before
My Life is ruined.

I also thought that I would give some navagation tips, as a family member not so well versed in the cpmputer department didn't know how to fully understand this site.
Blog Navagation 101
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links to things like my church or other fun things on the list at the side.
To comment click on the word that says comment.
invasive, evasive, eavesdropping fool
evanecse, melt away, evaporate
you don't belong.
Burn, scald, throat tightening
Transpirez, or make me drown
everlasting disease.
Sick, ammalato, latched on forever
resonating acidity

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Wham Bam Exam
Sarah, I think you were thinking I was going to say something else, yeah yeah?? Ok, so after just getting out of my Medieval English exam with the one and only Dr. Loney, I feel utterly and completely exhausted, so what did I do.....drove home to study for my exam tomorrow morning. The exam was awesome, whether or not I followed the instructions on writing beautifully and gracefully is another question. I mean come on who the %#@ writes an exam at 7PM? yeah cause I am a night person right? No, actually I am a 1:13 PM Monday, Thursday and Saturday person. Anyways, that was a digression. So I aced the exam, which is not surprising...he he....and I came home. I decided to check out my good friend
Mira's blog. BTW, it looks great so just click on her name, and it will take you there. Ok, so I commented on her blog and I was wanting to use the word 'tempt' however, my brain seemed to be on shut down mode and I couldn't remember for the life of me how to spell it. Ashamed and embarrassed (as I am an English major...oh and I will proof read your papers for a small fee) I got out my trusty dictionary. Isn't it weird how you come out of an exam feeling completely empty. Like there is this hole and only chocolate can fill it.
I had something equally as important to write here as well....but it has slipped my mind. Things tend to 'slip my mind' more frequently lately. I was having a conversation via telephone with Sarah today about an exam. We both had the same question so I though, oh I will email another student in the class. So we both hung up after having talked about this issue for like 15 minutes. As I went to my computer I was dumbfounded, what was I supposed to ask this student again? So, I called Sarah back. feeling alittle embarrassed. I usually never listen to her, but this was important and I can't believe that I completely forgot in a matter of MAXIMUM 30 seconds.
So, I just want to say congratulations to my mother. As some of you know she is a Redeemer alumni, as of 2003 and is now a University of Western Ontario Alumni, graduating with honours and some cuma something (sorry...). In her honour I have written this ode (I am not known for emotional odes, however a kleenex could be needed...I am not sure yet).

To My Mom, the 'Awesomest' Woman Alive
Going back to school was interesting and wacky
Remember your first day and how you thought you looked tacky?
Although for the first year you did it sans me
And spent most of your days with Adrianna and Melanie
You got awesome marks in all of your classes
And ditched your friends because you though the were uh..butts.
In second year to your surprise
I came along and helped your GPA rise
We shared many classes, and notes and money
And sometimes your write me letters calling me honey
You were smarter than me, for that I am jealous
Walking in your footsteps has given me callouses.
You studied and studied and locked your self away
And never even went to your graduation day
For that you were happy, and thrilled to be gone
One more day at that school may have caused you to yawn.
On one bright cheery day
You got accepted to Western much to your dismay
Driving to London was not your idea of fun
Getting up at 4:30 to exercise and run.
You taugh at your placements and did oh so well
And now you are done and can start ringing the bell
For you have attained your dream and your goal
And stuck it out unto the last bowl (I was going to say drop but it doesn't rhyme)
I am so proud of you my dear mother
For you have turned into something other.
Exraordinaire, Femme formidamble that you are
As you drive away in your cute little car.
I love you forever and love you for always
You are my mother and I miss seeing you in the hallways.

This is just something I read on a fellow Redeemer bloggers site Being charismatic myself and feeling like a minority at Redeemer, my heart was warmed.
There are a few things that really irk me a lot. I mean, not like piddly nothings, but these things really get on my nerves, and if you fall into this category I am sure you alreday know who you are.
#1. Ignorant people- this includes: professors who think they own the school and the students, professors who think they can just say whatever they want (even if it is hurtful) and still think they own the students and the school, professors who like to talk about the organizations they support in not just one class, but every class, professors who walk down the halls knowing that you know that they own the school and the students. Professors who talk monotone and quiet regardless of the class size or amount of students that are in the classroom.
#2. People who don't give a Sh*% (I am not dutch enough to swear in my blog) about how they treat other people-this includes: the above said, people who will mercilessly pick on helpless people, people who enjoy walking behind you murmuring about whatever loud enough for only you and them to hear. People who will drive around the block just to see you and annoy you. People who enjoy mocking others infront of other people. People who aren't man/or woman enough to ask you questions instead they ask your friends. People who treat animals better than humans, and people who treat animals worse than humans.
#3. Exam Preparers (besides the English and History department): it's ok to make the exams harder than the last test because it isn't like we have any more exams to study for.
#4. People who scam other people: that is just cheap.
#5. People who are "dating" but really despise each other and are just going out with each other due to circumstances and financial situations.
#6. People who talk about others behind their backs, in a negative way
#7. Not getting a care package......*cough cough* mom....

Things and people that don't irk me.
#1. Friends that support your every decision, even if it is a bad one
#2. People who offer support, knowing that you are struggling.
#3. People who pray.
#4. People who don't mention that you look younger than you really are.
#5. People who love God with all their hearts that they are willing to go the extra mile just to better their relationship with God.
#6. Getting a bonus at work, because you are super good at what you do :)
#7. People who speak clearly, with conviction, and integrity
#8. People who speak French

Ok. I think I wrote that out of stress, but it is true. I just needed to vent. With exam preparation there is a need to vent once in a while. The stress just builds up. I am not stressed about my English exams, but just that I have two in a row, and then have to have ENV. notes to give to my study group right away...too much at once. Thank goodness my hard exams are next week.

Sunday, April 11, 2004


After about 8 zillion hours of revamping this, I am thinking, Oh crap I forgot a comment box....and now for the unveiling.....