Rhapsody in Black

Designed to Make You Feel Like the Sane One

Friday, March 26, 2004

An Ode To My Nalgene Bottle

I often get thirsty like most people do
So I thought to myself, now what should I do?
I saw lots of people at my tiny little school
Carrying water bottles that looked oh so cool
They had them dangling from knapsaks and totes
One fellow had one and I said, it suits you ole bloke.
SO I went to the mall and scoped it out clean
And found a turquiose bottle my lovely Nalgene
She carried the amount of not quite a serving
Of water that I should be drinking and purging.
I carried her everywhere and called her my friend
She was over flowing with water and still had some to lend.
But one windy day as luck would have it
I left her at a court house for some one to grab it.
I'm not really sure if she made it to the lost and found
Or if she is still sitting alone on the ground.
My life without her is empty and dry
No water for me and alas I can't cry.
I want her back because she is irreplacable
But I think she is gone, and now I should be capable
Of buying a new one, so lovely and shiny
Or shall I sit here and obsessfully pinning
Pinning away for my deary Nalgene
So beautiful and pure, and heavenly clean
If you happen to see her, or see one just like it
Please give her back to me, for I would really like it.
If I never see her again, I will be sad and dehydrated
But a reunion with her would be much celebrated.
Dearest Nalgene, may you rest in peace. When my lips and hands touched you for the last time, don't feel that it was goodbye, just a so long. Until we meet again. Your one true love.....Meme

Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Birthdays. This subject is exciting yet, scary. For me this year it is scary. I am in a way excited that my birthday is in less then four months (YAY), and then I am reminded of my age, I know I know, younger then my parents and grandparents and whoever else...but I still have qualms. There is so much that I wanted to have accomplished before I turned this age. I have done much travelling around the world and that was included in my before I turn _______ I want to have done __________ hmmm maybe I should reevaluate my list:
Before I turn 30 I want to:
1. master the piano
2. travel to Africa doing missions
3. Become a doctor and set up an orphanage in Africa
3. become a teacher and set up a school in Africa
4. become African...or Afrikaan either part of the continent is alright with me.
5. Write a real book.
6. Have a few kids.
7. buy a hummer, and than give it to my brother (can't take a hummer to africa)
8. Sit on a beach with a few friends and just laugh my guts out
9. Skydive
10. not have a heart attack
11. Learn how to play the drums for real this time
12. buy a house.
this list is just a few of the things that i want to do before turning....say...30. I have no doubts that a few of them may be accomplished, and a few will just be put on the back burner (sorry J10, no hummer for you). *sigh* I wrote a list of all the things I wanted to have accomplished by the time I was 10...drink a slushy in 30 seconds. Read a whole series of books. Sell my siblings. Eat a whole pizza. Oh to be 10 again (althought I would keep my siblings....torture is better than selling).