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Friday, February 27, 2004

Can You Feel the Love Tonight? A Story of Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit

Mel, this one is for you.
My friend is giving up a shift of work on Sunday to "help" breed her nice little bunnies. Normal right? Not to me. For some strange reason I pictured Mel lighting some scented candles, turning on some nice romantic music and lifting one bunny into the other bunny's cage. I began to laugh as Mel's face became puzzled, so I explained, at which she burst out in hysterical laughter, and she even shed a few tears. Yes that is right, I saw Mel cry (I am in the loop now). But the whole fact that her chore is to breed the rabbits is completely hilarious, not to mention her mother has "issues" with answering machines (not that bunnies and answering machines are correlating factors in my mind euphorium). I was just laughing at how some people are stranger than my own family. But the bunny thing, you have to admit is pretty funny. I mean what would come to your mind if someone said they are going to help breed their rabbits? (Kate this is not your que to comment......I am not kidding). I would like some feed back from one and all. And Ms. Schofield...aka...Erica to some....aka Sarah to most, this is the most philosophical as I come. Actually not really, but I still find that post quite amusing..... :) you are a dear.
On another note I wold like to talk about my issues this week with school. I have not been able to get into school mode. Everyone I have talked to thus far has said that they are so tired or ust can't seem to find it in themselves to study. Why is that? After a reading break (which is just one simple week) why can't we get our butts in gear? I mean I have a GPA to maintain and if I keep this up......well....lets just say the outcome will be bad. Ok, that's all I have to say about school.
I would like to speak of cars now. I am shopping for a new one. My precious Lola has served her purpose to me and I am extremely greatful, but now I need a more durable car than a '96 Cavalier, so if you would like to buy her, feel free to make your bid known. She is in mint condition, I just need to change the thingy that make the smoke come out of it...tail pipe...uh....Muffler....yeah...it is just a tad rusty and I am going to take it in soon to get a new one. So the car I have my eye on is a 200 VW Jetta (gelactic blue, blk leather int., c.d. player, moon roof, crome wheels, 84,000 kms, $14,500). The price is alittle high, but if I get a good deal on Lola I can put that as the down payment. I have alos been looking at 2000 and up model Neons I know they aren't the best car, but they are still a bit cute and fit my budget. Really I am just looking for a car that is around 1999-2001 cute, not overly expensive and that wont be super huge for insurance. If you have any suggestions I am all ears! Wow you guys have a lot to respond to in this blog, I think this is the biggest one yet!!
also I have had a few comments from people that I don't even know which is pretty cool...I am becoming well known in the outside -of- Redeemer -blog- world...whoooppee

Thursday, February 26, 2004

My Band

Hey all....guess what...yes that is right, me. ditzy, chin smucking, school attending, working my butt off, sweet Bohemian Erica has started a band. A friend (Elise) and I are putting together this kinda ragamuffin/Celtic/poetic/fairy band. We are both uber psyched about the whole deal and so far, it seems that the band members kinda click. There is only one problem. We need a name. We are all equally as creative as Sarah Maclachlan in an open field of flowers, but coming up with a name has boggled us. We are kind of liking Medieval/celtic-y stuff and I would really love it if you could pour in your suggestions. Ask your friends, ask your enemies...uh that could be difficult for some, ask your neighbours, and then let me know....I AM SERIOUS.....have fun as well....anyhoo

Wednesday, February 25, 2004


I haven't actually written in a while (like my own opinion stuff). i have been super busy with exams and just school stuff right now. I do want to compain for a sec: I just hit my head off of the top of this computer. You have to remember this is me, so anything is possible. But I bent over and smack....my chin hurts and will probably be bruised for days. If you see me in the halls at school I beg you to refrain from yelling out "Oh my goodness what the heck happened to your chin".....yes it hurts, yes I am a klutz and no I am not blonde. Actually I am a nothing right now. My hair is a weird form of purple, brown, carmel, red...thanks to my cousin Jessica.....apparently it looks ok. Anyway, back to the chin thing. My whole head hurts now and...ok...I am over that now.
In response to Ms. Schofield's almost recent blog on people who speak philosophically when they are not, and how people can't be themselves. I agree. I would also like to add the artsy fartsy people to the category as well. I am not talking about people who are art students or people who enjoy looking at art, but when they feel they have to wear certain garments that....ah, never mind I am going to get myself introuble here. I am not judging, just saying it is weird...eclectic.....But Ms. Schofield, yes it is true, people should just be themselves, but in this post modern world, is that even possible? I know I am not myself...well banging my head off a computer is something I would do...but be myself....kinda hard :) maybe a bit offensive as well.
I need some ice, and maybe some tylenol...I am in pain, and this blog will only get worse unless I stop so Good bye, good bye trolly people....(a quote from Princess Diaries).