Rhapsody in Black

Designed to Make You Feel Like the Sane One

Friday, January 30, 2004

Privacy and Philosophy

today, actually ten minutes ago I realized the importance of privacy. Ah to be alone. I went to London (Western University actually), went to a fantastic seminar on salary for teachers. It was amazing. I was super psyched in my head thinking oh dude you will be rich one day. Actually I wasn't thinking that. I was just happy. The highways were nice and it was swell. I walked in my door and decided to dump my stuff on the desk in my room, and to my surprise out (of my room) walks this skater guy maybe 15 years old. I was shocked and I think my eyes went bigger than saucers. He walked out of my room as I walked in. To my surprise (again) I found magazines all over my room, my photo albums a mess, and my clothes everywhere. Now, I am not a super obsessively clean person, but my room is usually decent. I do not mind people coming in my room, and if I know that they are going in there, it is usually ok. The problem is, I am a person with a very very small comfort zone, and my human bubble is huge. It was invaded today and I feel so defiled and dirty. I feel as though my whole world has been invaved upon. I could cry. Privacy is a huge deal to me. The fault in this situation lies within my sister. She always tells me how much she looks up to me, and that I am super cool (*cough cough*) and she tells me stuff....but this changed something. Like I said, if I knew someone was going to be in my room that would be fine. I trusted Carly and now I feel like that has been twisted. I know that I can clean up the mess, no big deal, and I can forgive my sister (if she bakes me double chocolate chip cookies), but my world has been invaded and I no longer feel like me. My things have been touched and now I feel a bit odd. I know that flipping out is completely unreasonable, but I flipped out. I am an adult, she and her friends are 14, she is definitely in the wrong. I am just upset. *sigh*

I want to make a comment on my Philosophy class with Plantinga. He is a swell guy. This is philosophy of history, and while philosophy is way over my head, history is not. I enjoy history a lot. His lecture topic over the past few classes (I think) have been on memory recollection, especially using theories from Piaget, and Freud. I found these classes to be most interesting, and I had super note taking days. (digression: I find him most difficult to follow). So I have come to the conclusion that for my paper in that class I will do Memory Suppression/Recollection or something to that degree. If anyone has any ideas of books or where I should narrow my topic that would be awesome. Anyways, I am going to clean my room *sigh* I really could cry.


I love my car. I felt that I should write somthing special about her, as she is getting a bit depressed. Her name is Lola and she is a rare colour of Aqua. Not my first choice in colour, but looks don't matter. It is what is on the inside that counts. Lola is clean, sporty and fun. She meets my needs on a daily basis and I am so greatful to have her in my life. Today however I thought she died. She isn't very old, still young and perky, but she wouldn't start. I was scared ans alittle confused. I didn't know what I would do without her in my life. Her fancy disco ball reminding me each day not to drive in potholes for fear of the ball hitting my head. Her nice stearing wheel cover that keeps my cold hands warm during the winter, her spacious trunk that allows me to put my school text books in and bags of sand in the winter. Her smooth, clean, fresh smelling interior that allows me to drive semi luxuriously to school every day. Oh the list could go on. But fow now I will leave you with this great impression of my precious Lola, who wont start today.

Thursday, January 29, 2004


probably one of the biggest things that bothers me, that makes my skin crawl, and my blood boil, is people. People can be really mean, really nice, really annoying, really hateful, really careless, malicious. Oh the list could go on. I really don't like people and how they treat others.
Love one another, and build each other up.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Today was a snow day. The first day in....well the four years that I have been at Redeemer. I am quite thankful for that, namely because I have a lot of homework and am super tired. However, after much pondering I decided to think of ALL the reasons why I am glad it was a snow day. I do have to admit one thing though: Jenna stayed at my house last night and I drove her to Ancaster, about two minutes from Redeemer...the roads aren't as bad as the weather dudes are reporting, and it was also my mothers car that we drove in and because it is standard we didn't slide, no worries. Ok so here is my list for why I am happy that it is a snow day:
1) My car is very light. The back swings around regardless of the weather. I am saving my money for a 4x4 big honking SUV (seriously)
2) My school is cold, my home is warm (this is reason enough)
3) Seeing the same old people every day gets alittle dreary
4) Laundry had to be done
5) Lots of stuff to read, no time to read it in when school is going
6) I prefer not to drive, ever (I am not one of those people who feel invincible at the wheel of a car)
7) Somehow the commuters party yesterday was handing out pizza that made everyone sick. I feel sick.
8) I got to play in the snow today in my brand spanking new Columbia ski suit (I'm lovin' it)
9) I didn't have to shower today (I enjoy showering, but grub dirty days are fun as well.....I look gross....I am wearing my sisters school kilt and a Redeemer tee shirt, and I am all greasy!!!!!!!!!)
10) I get to watch movies today which I never get to do when I am in school. Uptown Girls and Alex and Emma are the flicks today!
So there you have it. I love the snow don't get me wrong. it is nice to look at on post cards and in those tacky water dome thingies that you shake....but for real? Bah Humbug!
Can someone tell me why hotmail is not working? I feel lost without it :(