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Thursday, January 22, 2004

An Ode to My Ex-Wife

Sarah oh Sarah my sweet little twin
When we fight no body wins.
You have lots of issues that make you unique
But I'd like to think of you mostly as a geek.
A geek that is nice and so nice to talk to
And I note that you've sang to me when I've had to...uh......pee
Our daily walks to the infamous mailboxes
Has left me no choice but to count all my losses (I have no idea what that means)
You love for English and all the literature
Has left me to question stuff about the rapture.
Although you are my ex wife, I still love you slightly (but not the same way I love Carrie...)
An hope that Carrie still loves me because she is my new wifey.
I love your new sweater because it is red
And it makes you look pretty from your toe to your head.
I know you wear it to highten certain areas
But you will still look nice even if you have malaria.
Although you don't think it, you are smart and talented
I just wish you knew that more, and to know you are wanted (by Jeremy)
To you I will bid much ado and many blessings
For a life of happiness and many undressings (sorry couldn't think of anything to rythme)
My kids will beat yours for the rest of their lives
Don't take it personally though, remember we were once wives.
Sarah...much love!


I have decided that I am the most normal person in my immediate family. I have the weirdest siblings, and my mother....there are no words that can explain how she is. Justin, my brother is really tall, REALLY, and really skinny....he has been working out lately and thinks that if he constantly punches himself in the stomach his abs will become resistant and buff. He makes weird noises and thinks he is a machine. He's cute though, and apparently funny...so he is not lacking in girl company. My sister Carly is also quite strange. She never eats sauce on her spaghetti and can't eat pizza (she has this association disorder) on day whilst eating pizza some guy accross the street died in the shower....she thinks of that everytime we eat pizza....and this incident happened over 10 years ago. My mother...she is crazy. She supports Justin and Carly in their crazy antics and even laughs at them. Then you have me....I go to school, have a job, run my life in a very family oriented manner, I don't talk on the phone all day and the noises I make are usually coherent and intelligent. I also eat pizza pretty normaly and never punch myself anywhere to make myself stronger. Am I not normal? This is what many people say.....but they have to see how I grew up...what I had to live with for over 21 years....please!
Ok, so I looked outside today and saw lots of snow. I had a lot of time on my hands because I was pretty sick, so I decided that I would spend time just admiring God's beautiful creation. Snow IS actually pretty when you look at it from a big picture window with a fire place raging in the background. Snow is a distraction and setback I know...I drive in it everyday. I did however develop quite an appreciation for it...it makes me smile....but I think at this point it is overstaying its welcome.....so SNOW GO AWAY!
I ate a large amount of peanuts today as well. Don't laugh, I usually don't eat peanuts. My kid (Peanut...aka Laura) is allergic to them and since I go to school with her everyday I was better off cutting all contact with the beloved nuts. But today I went nuts....that wasn't supposed to be a pun. I baked peanut butter cookies, I ate peanuts buy the bag, and even stole a few Reese Peanut Butter Pieces from...someone in my house. It was bliss. It occured to me later on, maybe I should wash my clothing. So....I did loads of laundry and practically fumigated my house. I feel slightly ill though. I think I OD'd.
Stay tuned next week for the Fantabulasa Rasa blog (YAY!)

An Ode to My Wife

This is all about a beautiful girl named Carrie.
I fell in love with her, not because she was hairy.
She likes nail polish, as do I
So we set a date and went out for some pie.
So to my surprise we got along great
And then I had to pay for the date.
She is a beauty for all to see
And sings to me when I have to pee.
Dance of the Sugar plum fairies is her tune...
So sad, so sad she's graduating in June.
Carrie is as animated as bow cha bow bow
While I sit back and have a cow.
We have two children named Peanut and Jenna
And they shampoo their hair with natural henna.
She works in a video store and brings home posters
And especially likes it when I make food in the toaster.
She likes to watch TV especially CSI: Miami
And her humor is clever, witty and uncanny.
She is as cute as a button and silly as a goose
And I love her because she is so loose.
She loves life and laughs danger in the face
She is my hero and is so full of....grace.
Each and every day we spend together
Reminds me that our love will last forever.
To you my darling a life full of love
And blessings from God up above!
I love you Carrie :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

On My First Daughter

Here lies, to each her parents' ruth,
Mary, the daughter of their youth;
Yet all heaven's gifts being heaven's due,
It makes the father less to me.
A six month's end she parter hence
With safety of her innocence;
Whose soul heaven's queen, whose name she bears,
In comfort of her mother's tears,
Hath placed amongst her virgin- train;
Where, while that severed doth remain,
This grave partakes the fleshly birth;
Which cover lightly, gentle earth.
~Ben Johnson
A beautiful, tragic poem I have to memorize for class

Tuesday, January 20, 2004


thanks to jake my blog has been advertised for all of...hmm redeemer to see.....I guess now I have to start writing more intelligible things (is intelligible a word) *sigh* time to put my english major education to good use...

Youth In Asia

ok you might ask why my title is so wrongly spelled....well for your information it is not! I was entertaing a fleeting thought just a few minutes ago at how the youth in many countries faire.I still consider myself pretty youthful with my dashing good looks and uncanny sense of humor, clever witticisms and my share of HUGE BIG SUPER AWESOME problems. Oh and did I mention my hormones still rage as that of a fifteen year old pubescent girl. If you didn't know that I was in my fourth year of post secondary education and you saw me walking down the street or in a mall with my many girlfriends you'd think...wow that sure is a pretty hot chick (hot chick referring to what young teenage guys would normally call their prey). So back to my main point.....do youth in other countries share the same problems that youth in the west share? Do we obsess about the same issues....boys, weight, hair, friends, clothes? Or is it completely different....My mind is so cultured in the post modern western world that is hard to even consider other cultures. Wow I am feeling a hot flash coming on.

Monday, January 19, 2004


i am not sure why, but after being sick for like 3 weeks, I am actually putting myself through an episode of fear factor. In the kitchen eggs are being poached with the sickening smell of mushrooms. WOW, what people do to earn money....HELLO get a freaking job! Crap, I would rather work my butt off in school for 300 years then eat duck tongue, and maggot mikeshakes. This is...like masochistic......they look like they are having a ball...wish you were here!
I was just trying to think of the craziest thing I have ever eaten....that would have to be octopus in Portugal (fortunately for me I had no idea what it was until after I ate it), and the craziest thing I have done was hmmmm....uh....stand on a chair??? I already feel lightheaded just thinking about standing on a chair....that is sad I know.
Awesome to see that Sarah started a "blog" welcome to the blogging world, may your blogging life bring you much happiness and...uh....release :) See you at school tomorrow xoxoxo
Dancing Elephants and Craziness Like That
I am upset, yes that is right I Erica Henley am upset. I don't usually have emotional setbacks like this often, but alas it is true. These feelings inside my head are getting "itchy" so I am going to scratch them for a moment. Upsetting situation #1. I pay over $10,000 for tuition every year. It is ok because they say I am getting an excellent education with Christian undertones. So that 's super I am not complaining. What I am complaining about is this: if I pay an outrageous amount of money yearly, why is my school SO cold ALL the time? It isn't just me either. I know you may say, well there is no meat on your body, just eat a bit more and you'll warm up. This is not true. I have talked to many people who are "ample in girth" at RUC and they complain about the same issue. I am getting fed up, and rightfully so being in my fourth year I have taken enough of this. I feel the need to protest, but I fear my chattering voice will not be heard. This is unfair and I would like to blame someone.
maybe it is me, or maybe it is them, or maybe it's...
Stay tuned for more upsetting situations in the future!