Rhapsody in Black

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Monday, November 29, 2004

The sun is shining today, it is nice. I have a craving for Chai tea, yummah!
~Stephanie and I have decided to start going to walks. I am getting fat. No really...I can feel it. So her and I are taking action before it is too late.
~My weekend was awesome. I hung out with the girls. We went to Montana's...(reason #1 for my exercising desire) and we came home and watched Elf. That is a super funny movie.
~I got a new cd (carrie you HAVE to get this one) Starfield...ummm I can't think of the album name, but it is all worship music. It is great.
~I am picking up a keyboard today (JD, please kick me...you know how we were going to do that music thing...I could have just used my church keyboard. *le sigh* Anyways, I still feel like making that compilation, it will be a nice tribute).
~still have that craving for chai tea...gotta get to work soon.....


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