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Friday, November 12, 2004

Just a thought: why fight when you know you are going to lose. This in the context of: why take someone to court without a lawyer when you know you are in the wrong and going to lose the battle. This boggles me, yet still people do it.
I endured my last day of work last night. It was pleasant. I was trying to get myself fired. I thought it would be funny seeing as I have an almost perfect track record (meaning I get 99% on all of my Quality Monitors. No such luck though. It was really nice saying good bye to people, saying things that I wanted them to hear. One unpleasant thing though, my friend, a lady who I call momma decided to announce that she has pancreas cancer. There is really nothing they can do to remove it, seeing as the pancreas is a major part of our anatomy. She also has to have part of her stomach removed. Why do I hate cancer? Why do I hate seeing disease rip families apart? This ending of a four year journey with people who became my friends ended very sadly. I was glad to be out of there, but knowing my "momma" has to suffer. This really sucks. I don't know how to articulate my feelings on this. Her name is Dee, she is unsaved. Please please pray for her. A plus to my not having to work at this place is now I don't have to see this one really creepy woman. Woot woot :) I feel sorry for her because I think she is in need of psychiatric help. She isn't normal, which is sad. Anyways, I never have to see her again. *big sigh of relief*
I really have nothing interesting to blog about today, I have a lot of stuff to process in my head.
Maybe I will just leave you with some answers that need questions:
1. Because in order for it to be that way, one must get the whole bundle package before it can be that way.
2. Well then just don't answer the door
3. forty -five
4. I have other things to do then that.
5. Just laugh at him
6. No because the golgi complex is in the way and it interferes and you can't bypass it in that particular fashion.

Enjoy, making up questions for these answers. Don't strain yourselves.


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