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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Please Keep That
Today I realized I am a packrat. Yeah. I have decided that I would downsize my amount of possessions. I have saved birthday cards since I was thirteen years old. Do I really need these?? I have this plastic box...more like a storage container filled to the brim with notes from my childhood best friend, and even cookies she baked me. I also have this piggy bank my mom made me out of ceramic that broke and I couldn't bear to part with it so I collected the pieces and wrapped it up. I have magazine clippings from 1997, and notes from my grade nine classes. Are these things worth throwing out...I think I should hire someone to clean for me because I would feel so guilty for throwing my stuff out. *sigh*
In other news, my burns are healing. Is it bad to put hand sanitizer on cuts? I am very anal retentive about my hands being clean and germs and stuff (as mosty of you know...I put hand sanitizer on every ten minutes) but if you get it in a cut is that safe? oh well I did it anyways. The last thing I need is an infection. Ok before I get myself introuble by writing about all of my other quirky qualities I will hit the publish button.
And I have so not been in the mood for writing stimulating mind stuff, if you haven't noticed. My brain is on vacation I guess.

P.S~ When cleaning out my computer I found these things (you may need sound for these)
Mango Biscuits
I don't think I saved these (I will blame it on someone else)


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